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March 18 2014

Discuss the Marvel special "Assembling A Universe." Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns April 1. In the meantime, the special will hopefully have some Avengers: Age of Ultron tidbits for us. Related: Age of Ultron concept art!

That Iron Man filming footage looks so old!
"The Creative Team had yet to play their biggest card.." And that is no lie.

Isn't it hard to believe that Iron Man is actually only about 5 y.o.?
"You experience things....then you still can't explain them?" Story of my life.
The ads for Captain America: Winter Soldier showed Winter Soldier without his mask on. Kinda spoilery, so if you don't want to know who he is before you see the movie, you might want to avoid watching the ads for a few weeks ...
Well, never mind. They went right ahead and talked about his identity. Silly me, I thought it was supposed to be a surprise for those who hadn't read the comics. Never mind - move along ...
Yeah Marvel hasn't been trying to keep that a secret at all in their promotions lately. I believe the mask is only for Cap's benefit, not ours.
kreider204-they were so clever about it in the first movie-they can't stop talking about it. The plot point was handled extremely well-but we have a bunch of, "see what I did?" moments.
So where can one see these one-shot shorts that they talked about?
barboo, on the dvds/blu rays for Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, and Thor: The Dark World. You've never seen them before? Agent Carter and All Hail the King are particularly good.

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As shows like this go, this one was pretty cool. And at the heart of the Marvelverse is Joss.

I should say that the extra features were only in the blu-ray Avengers version when it first came out. That pissed me off mightily, because I did not have a blu-ray player. Are they now included in the regular, old-fashioned dvds?

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Did anyone get a screen cap of Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch's concept art. I think that is our first look at their costumes. I expect to see it all over the interwebs soon. And the Hulkbuster armor!

Edited. Speak of the devil!

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Added a link to the concept art for Age of Ultron. Marvel just posted it to their website.
Everyone takes it for granted now - but back then there was a lot of "what the hell are they thinking" when they announced Iron Man, and then later announced that RDJ was cast. I remember a lot of doubters about the viability of a 40's Captain America movie (Rocketeer didn't do boffo box office) and much hand wringing over Thor - given the "grounded" nature of the Iron Man movies

I hope they package up the One Shots when they reach a nice cume running time onto a BluRay. All Hail the King is sooooo good

BTW: Like the concept art on Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Promising.
I liked seeing some of the concept art for Avengers 2- Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor. It definitely got me excited to see more (even though we won't for a while).

But the most surprising part at the end was that they had footage of Joss filming in South Africa already. Didn't that just start a few weeks ago? Seems like a quick turnaround to get that footage in the special.
Skizz-ABC/Marvel/Disney-they could have shot that footage 7 hrs ago and made it in.
MichealJ-You are right about Iron Man-AND most people wrote Cap off as, "The obligatory lead-in to The Avengers" but it wound up being a stupendous film. (One of my favs so far-but I haven't seen The Dark World yet.)

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Oh, see The Dark World! So good!
Marvel is going to have to be careful how they promote Guardians of the Galaxy to sell it to non-Marvel superfans. A lot of people are going to look at Rocket Raccoon and Groot and think it's going to be a funny kids' movie.
A Racoon with a machine gun shooting things while '80s music plays? Strictly for kids? No fair!
Really enjoyed that and the first look at concept art for A:AOU.
@AndrewCrosset - Well given that the very first trailer features our main hero giving authorities "the finger" and the entire group is categorized as "a bunch of a-holes" I think Marvel is being pretty upfront with what kind of movie this is.

I wager James Gunn is still pinching himself that Marvel wrote the check to make this movie in his style
James Gunn has made it clear these a-holes are not particularly kid friendly. :)

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I enjoyed that special. I thought it made a good promo for the series too.
But is James Gunn directing one of these movies?
That PG porn clip made me sick. That was him wasn't it?
James Gunn is directing Guaridans of the Galaxy, yeah.
I like the concept art and I like how Disney got everyone talking about it. Well played.
Xane, what clip are you talking about? Yes, James Gunn directed Guardians of the Galaxy. But I have no idea whether he produced the footage you disliked because I have no idea what clip you're talking about.
#UberGeek-before you go see #TheWinterSoldier, drink a little Old-Fashioned. You know, with everything that's happened, and what's about to come to light, people just might need....
BarryC- Fair point. I do sometimes forget they're all one giant company.
Agent Carter! SO happy that she's a thing still! LOVED her in Cap1 and super-excited for Cap2! Loved the special, was hollering at my screen. The only thing that I'm grumpy about is that there's no Loki in the foreseeable future. One can never have enough Loki.
I think Thor 3 should wrap up the Loki storyline. The Thor movies need to eventually stand apart from Loki as a villain. I think including more Loki in The Dark World was a good idea and a bad idea at the same time. Good, in that the scenes were high quality and served the plot, but bad because it meant scenes giving Malekith some depth were cut and he turned into generic bad guy.'s_PG_Porn

I watched the one with Nathan Fillion in it when it came out years ago. It was supposed to be funny that a guy accidentally killed the woman servicing him on her knees with a nail gun.
So opposite of funny to me.
That's the only one I saw because I'm not a masochist.
I am definitely less excited about this movie.

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Oh, that one. Far be it for me to suggest how excited other fans should or should not be about Marvel films, but have you seen his movies?

I also watched that short with Nathan Fillion and while I am also not a masochist, I didn't mind the dark humor. I don't think people who liked it are masochists, and comedy is very subjective. If it makes you feel any better, Joss pushed Marvel to hire James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy.
I personally would be a masochist if I were to watch more because it disturbed me so much. If it didn't disturb you then watching it would not be masochistic.
But I found it extremely disturbing, misogynistic, and couldn't understand why it was supposed to be funny. And it made me think less of everyone involved. Clearly YMMV.
This thread isn't actually about PG Porn. So if we could get back to discussing the Marvel special, that would be lovely.
It's like a journey through the years but then they add Avengers 2 and GOTG and Cap 2 and now I'm counting the days til I see each.

I knew that Cap 2 is going to be a big game changer but having it confirmed so strongly in this special - oh boy. I have been avoiding all Cap spoilers and intend to avoid watching following AoS episodes just in case until I am able to watch the movie.

I love how many parts there are that make up this universe (like life - guess that's what makes us more obsessed).

@Willowy I would'n worry about Loki. The way it was left off (with Thor2 and AoS) and how fans and Marvel both adore the character and Tom, my guess is he might not be in the next couple of films but we haven't seen the last of him.
Gunn also wrote the Scooby-Doo movie with SMG, right? Trust the people. Kevin Feige was always insistant about this movie....he won't let it slip.
Here's some more about the special, what was shown, and some stuff that was left out, like the business about Hayley Atwell to star in a 1940s set show called Agent Carter set in the 1940s based on her role in Captain America (oh well I guess we won't find out she got accidentally frozen somewhere). It's confusing about the One-shots. Some people are saying they are only available on Blue-rays which may be why I didn't see anything about them, being DVD only.
The rating for the special was a 1.4 in the demo.
JDL-I'm sure they would have liked better, but the point is to get people to see the movie(s). The Tuesday Night problem of NCIS remains. I wonder what the Tivo numbers were.
"But I'm the glue!"

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