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March 19 2014

Dr. Horrible kicked from Netflix? Balls. According to, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog will be removed from Netflix on March 20th.

I for one will have it running in the background all day to give it a proper send off and hope it'll be back for our streaming convenience in the future.

Or we could just hope the website got it wrong.

I get a vision of the Netflix warehouse being run by a teenage son who says "*WHY* do we have all these things no one watched yesterday?!?!" #TopSELLERonly
Sometimes it's just a rights issue and it will be back in a few months.

Once Angel, Buffy and Firefly don't ever leave I will be happy.
By now we should all own it, in several different mediums. So I'm not upset.
This is why Netflix will never replace DVD's/Blu-rays.
Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if this is back very shortly after it goes down. Given what a friendly relationship they seem to have with whoever at 20th is still championing Joss, I imagine this is just a lapsed-rights issue they haven't bothered to correct yet.
Sometimes it's merely that a license term is expiring, and the new term literally starts the next day.
"The new Netflix is all about developing original material and bypassing the usual studio/broadcaster relationship to stream content to audiences just as they like it. We don't have room for this - 'Professor Terrible', did you call it?"
yeahbut netflix continues to offer the dvd to us'n non-streaming customers, claims a longtime whedonesque member's first post.

sorry, no, dont know how linkage works here.

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