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March 19 2014

Firefly Online: find a crew, find a job, keep flying. VG247 chats to Andy Gore, CEO of Quantum Mechanix Interactive, publisher of the Firefly MMO.

If your disgruntled ex-crew are picked up by other players, said players may be offered the chance to chase you down and punish you to satisfy their new crew memberís grudge.

That is hilarious (in a good way).
Huh. Interesting. It sounds a bit like what the Rust/DayZ people are trying to do in some ways.They really should be starting to amp up with games press, though. An E3 presence? ComicCon? People should see the game, in *some* form... even if it's just one world. One crew.
It just struck the crew from Firefly the crew from the ill-fated "Betty?"
The series is set onboard the Serenity. Itís a Firefly class spaceship. Confusing these two words will upset browncoats at conventions.

As will, I reckon, calling it the Serenity.

In other news: Shun-SHENG duh gao-WAHN, I want to play this game!

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