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March 19 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #1. And we're back.

Read the issue last night. I cannot begin to describe how much I love it and how happy I am that Gage/Isaacs are on the Buffy title now. I thought A&F was head and shoulders above Buffy for S9 and I'm thrilled these two are on the Buffy title. It looks GORGEOUS. I never disliked Jeanty's work the way some have, but i LOVE Isaacs' work and I'm thrilled with her rendering of nearly every single character.

The writing is brilliant too. The characters feel like themselves more than I think they ever had. People described "hearing" the voices of the actors when reading S8, but I never got that. Until NOW! I'm so happy Buffy is back and I can't wait to see what Season 10 has in store.
I also think one of the biggest reasons it feels like Buffy again is the gang is back together. S8 & S9 they all spent SO much time apart, it was a WELCOME relief to see them working as a team. PLEASE keep this up!
This was an A+ issue. The team back together with a dilemma (or a few dilemmi) to face, lots of action, Whedony dialogue, pop culture references out the wazoo (and not just obvious ones, either)... one very unexpected character return... and the artwork nails it.

I think I'm going to be very happy with this season.
Thanks to the joys of digital, I actually managed to read this before the discussions started (i nearly always spoil myself...I know, I'm weak).

Really enjoyed this, already feels stronger than the non-Joss issues of last season. I'm feeling positive for this season.
I've been rattling on about the lack of Anya for YEARS. I'm SO excited that I'll get some catharsis now. Super great issue. Going to read it again in a bit.
Vera Brosgol is eerily prophetic.
I have Buffy S10 # 1,"New Rules Part I."
First of all,Buffy's book last season I thougt was a disappointment overall although I did like that last part of the season more.On the flip side,I loved Angel & Faith last season.Part of that was I thought Angel & Faith was just a overall more interesting story with more interesting new characters than Buffy.The other part of that was the creative team on Angel & Faith.I loved there work so I was thrilled they would be moving to Buffy this season.

Issue 1 overall didn't disappoint.This first issue had more pop to it then pretty much all of last season.I think Gage already has the character's voices down and while I had no problems with Georges Jeanty's work in season 8 and 9,Rebekeka Isaacs brings a fresh feel and is just as great as her work on A & F.

Xander's arc might be interesting this season.I'm not sure yet if things are as really as bad as he's projecting them although Buffy seems to sense problems between him and Dawn.The Anya return I really need more info on.Is she really back as a ghost haunting Xander or is all this in his head.I'm hoping for the latter because enough characters have been brought back and the idea that she is a manifestion of Xander's guilt is more interesting IMO then ghost Anya haunting Xander.

I enjoyed hearing Buffy's inner monologue in the issue.

As Buffy thinks in the issue Spike may be in the best place as anyone(this is Joss so we know that won't last.).As for the Buffy and Spike interaction in this issue.My reading is along the lines of Vampmogs at Buffyforums.I didn't get a romantic vibe.More like two good friends who have a past and while there will probably always be a attraction,they are in a good place now where both are happy.As Vampmog said pretty well,they are at peace with being allies and great friends now that Spike can accept that.And that really felt like what Spike's whole arc last season was from the first part of season 9 through his miniseries to his Angel & Faith stint and ending on his return to Buffy.This issue really puts the period on that for me. No more awkwardness of Spike wanting more from Buffy when they are around each other..I'm interested in where Spike's arcs going now with the other characters since the end of season 9 was setting up I think with Spike making a real life for himself.We know of one spoiler out there already.

Andrew still annoys me.

Vicki the Vampire vs Buffy the Vampire Slayer.I actually get a laugh from that.The gang's finding out just how different and dangerous the 'New Rules' are was a good reveal since they were so unprepared for it.And Faith,Kennedy's and Giles arrival was perfect.Willow's little bit about Kennedy's arrivial was cute.

Finally,the big Buffy and the gangs reunion with Giles.Perfect.I don't care if it's saccharin.I may be annoyed with all the dead characters who keep coming back(I'm a DC and Marvel reader too so I should be used to it)But this was so perfect and the perfect payoff to all 25 issues of Angel & Faith last season.I'm actually glad they saved it for the start of this season.

So I thought this was overall a strong first issue.
Loved the artwork. Buffy and friends (and Andrew <3) never looked better.
So happy to have Gage and Isaacs on the flagship title this season. Strong first issue. Every character had their moment. (My favorite? Andrew, who had several!) My only negative comment is that I'd have given the Buffy/Giles reunion hug much bigger play. Really, just a tiny bottom panel? I'd have gone full-page. Perhaps they couldn't spare the room though, as they got a lot into this issue. A+ return.

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I was surprised to find that Spike and Buffy still give me pangs, even though I'm squarely in another fandom now. Art is heart-rendingly beautiful, writing is good (it is especially promising that Gage has such a good grasp on Buffy's voice, and that we are privy to her internal musings). Loved Xander's "Let there be light!" moment of awesome, loved the Xander/Anya interaction, loved Buffy's truce with Vicki. Quite happy with this issue, overall.

ETA: Billy, however? Has to go. The more it is shoved down my throat that I have to like him, the more violently I dislike him. (And I was so looking forward to having a male gay character in the series, for a change...)

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I loved it! The new beginning feels fresh and exciting. I am happy with the team Gage/Isaacs because they did a fantastic job with A&F last year. I only wish Joss Whedon could write an issue every now and then (at least 1-2 issues every season). Is that so hard to do for him? I will read the comic book again now :) Can`t wait for more!
Hmm, still in Easton Manor so can't get to the shop but, I dunno, Joss and conventional ghost? I can't plausibly expect that, so I'm hoping for a pleasant surprise. (If we ever find out what afterlife Joss ever had for Anya, I'm betting it'll be more pleasant than my idea of having her confined body & soul in a hell dimension as a living, mortal person *weg)
Not gonna lie but I totally misted up when Buffy and Giles had their reunion. Having lost my grandfather recently, who was not only my father figure but many of my friends as well, it hit me right in the feels.
Speaking of which I know watching the Body is gonna help me deal with it and that I will feel better after but I just can't make myself do it, yet.
A good start (but to be fair I have been quite fond of Seasons 8 and 9 so...)
I smiled through the whole issue. Have to agree with @Xander and others about Gage and Isaacs - especially the way Isaacs draws Buffy. The two have brought my favorite Whedon characters to life once again and I'm looking forward to this season.

Anya as a ghost? This should be fun.

And while I'm not sold on Billy, having him there really made Andrew's, "You really think I could be a slayer?" gag work.
This was an amazing start to season 10, definitely one of the best issues of the comics yet. There were great intros and moments for all the characters. There was an awesome return to the group dynamic that is the heart of Buffy but also interesting new developments. There was intense danger and hopelessness and badass resilience. I am so excited for this season!

Does anyone else notice how no one seems to get Tom Lenk's likeness down?
An excellent start. The Buffy-Giles reunion was beautiful, and I love Rebekah's rendition of Dawn.
I did find it kinda silly that when Spike said he needed Andrew's shirt and Andrew said he had body image issues, then he ends up having a pretty toned torso, abs and all. Its just silly especially when Andrew definitely isn't a character that would be that muscular. Just made me roll my eyes a bit.
I liked it. A few of the lines made me laugh out loud, they were so good.

I really wish they would let Andrew have his epiphany though. That joke has long ago stopped being funny and starting being tragic. I say this as a long time Andrew fan.

I thought the abs reveal was funny. It pokes at the assumption most of us probably made. Also body image isn't going to track to his actual looks anyway. But his reaction to Spike ripping his shirt off was pretty good.
Huh. I might have to give the comics another chance.
So good! I loved it, and I can't wait for the next issue!
Oh, that was excellent! Good writing, some good drawing (although, what's with the rendering of Dawn and Andrew, people?). Loved seeing Faith, loved the good place Buffy and Spike are in, loved ... yeah, clearly I had a really good time reading this. And Giles's return at the end? Did. Me. In.

I'm not in a critical mood, clearly. Haven't had this much fun with the Buffy comics in ages.
I can only guess that the big sunny happy reunion of everyone is precursor to some juxtaposed upcoming serious loss(es), which I imagine the tenth season would probably have at least one major case of. Otherwise it would smell a bit too much like fanfiction - season 8 did a good job of the same thing with bringing everyone on board in a big way, amping everything up then tearing most of it away in the finale. I enjoyed lots of the dialogue, but its just not quite authentic Whedon dialogue for me (though still enjoyable in its own right). Kind of sad that element of the series has (to my mind) diminished with each comic season, much as I still love them. Love the art but miss Georges as well. Storytelling is stellar.

If Xander has developed some sort of ability to see the dead, that would chime well with his status established already as 'the watcher', the heart, the one who sees things etc from past issues/episodes. Could be a great thing to have in the tenth season as well and a great flipside to the First Evil's guises in S7.

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Wrote a review (finally came out of writing hibernation) yesterday. You can check it out HERE if you like. But to sum it all up, I liked it. A LOT. The snark... I've been missing that snark so much and now it's back!
I loved it! I know it's not Joss but the characters were speaking and sounding like my familiar Scoobs. I cried at the reunion, which I did not expect. Giles's death hit me hard, that issue still hurts. I had mixed feelings about how he was resurrected but today it gelled. Buffy hugging boy!Giles just touched me very deeply.

I am so so so happy to have our Slayer back. Well done!

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Concerning the dialogue, this issue juggled a lot of exposition as well as normal slayerspeak. I'm excited to see how it shapes up now that most of the newcomer setup is out of the way.
*happy sigh* I love the art so much. Such subtlety of expression!
@Sunfire, a thousand times yes. They need to let that poor boy out of the closet already.

This constant banging on the door stopped being funny half way through season 7, and now it just makes my head hurt.
Giving the audience what it wants...not so terrible after all.
They printed my letter! :D

Yeah, the issue was good, too.
I loved it!
I had not been following the Angel & Faith comics so I was
totally emotional when I saw Giles's return.
Seeing Anya again was interesting.
Seeing Spike and Buffy be a team again made me wistful but I'm glad they are in a good place with each other.
The new rules should make for some exciting story telling.

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