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March 20 2014

Brian Tyler will score 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'. He was the composer for 'Iron Man 3', 'Thor: The Dark World' and the Marvel one-shot 'All Hail the King'.

There are so many good composers attached to the Marvel Universe, but this guy is unique. His scores can lift cinematic work to a new level. Children of Dune is as far as I know his best work, but he could possibly knock it out of the park with Age of Ultron. Some would maybe claim that he is a bit over the top. I would say that he has actually underperformed so far. Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World had good scores, but nothing amazing. I want amazing!
Funny that you brought up Children of Dune before I even could, Alber. Love that soundtrack. And I found the music in Avengers I a bit unremarkable, so I'm looking forward to hearing what Tyler does with it.
I love Silverstri, but after Iron Man and Thor, Brian Tyler is too good to lose. Both amp up the drama and scope of their respective films, while still maintaining their central themes. Avengers 2 is gonna be so good, you guys.
I really liked Silvestri's work. :(
I loved Silvestri's score, but "Children of Dune" has one of my favourite scores of all time. Very excited to hear this.
To be honest, I would have preferred Silvestri. His Avengers work was great.. :(
I hope Tyler reuses Silvestri's main theme from The Avengers.
Maybe the first Avengers theme will be used in a scene or two but I think there's gonna be a new theme, one more in line with Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 since those two kind of sound similar, maybe they're going for some music continuity, as well.

I'll miss that particular style, though. It had a lot of heart.

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Tyler used Silvestri's leitmotif from "Captain America" in Thor 2. Also, Henry Jackman, the composer of Cap 2, said he wouldn't use the Cap theme at ALL, but now it's in the movie (at least a little bit, heard in score samples). I know Tyler met with Jackman at some point and I'm thinking he convinced him to use the theme sparingly.

To me, it seems like Tyler really respects Silvesrti's work and acknowledges its importance. Hopefully he'll find a way to weave both his IM3 and Thor2 themes in with Silvestri's Cap 1 and Avengers themes into an amazing Avengers 2 score!
Tyler also composed the music for Transformers Prime, which I found phenomenal as well and enjoy listening to while driving.
While for me none of the main Marvel themes have really stuck out, I thought that Tyler had that really fun throwback 70s exploitation flick bombastic sound with the Iron Man 3 credit sequence.
SO excited for this. Silvestri's score was OK, but last year was a great one for Tyler, including amazing score after amazing score.
While I'm happy to hear Brian Tyler has more work in the MCU, I am kind of disappointed that Alan Silvestri didn't get asked back to score Age of Ultron. I felt his work on The Avengers was definitely stirring, especially what I call the "Avengers March" (after John Williams's "Raiders March" aka the Indiana Jones theme).

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