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March 20 2014

Disney to release The Avengers:Age of Ultron in IMAX. In other Avengers-related news, Scarlett Johansson gives a very brief video interview with IGN about her character's storyline in the sequel.

Some of them will have to deal with past issues? Hmmm, well Cap will already have his this year - I'm thinking other than her, Hawkeye or/and Banner.
Fingers crossed for IMAX 2D! It's frustrating how everything has been in 3D lately; it doesn't add anything but a movie-going migraine for me.
I'm with you, azture.

One of my eyes is stronger than the other, so 3D glasses don't work so well on me. Fast action sequences in particular often end up a bit of a blur.
Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of 3D in cinema, even with good 3D glasses I find the image very dark, but I've got a 3D setup at home with the active 3D glasses and it's significantly better than the cinema experience, much brighter & clearer. Similar to the cinema films shot in 3D tend to fare better, Gravity, Prometheus, Avatar, Life of Pi all look amazing, the post converted stuff lacks a bit, even Pacific Rim where they spent the best part of a year on the post conversion, although that's better than most.
I rarely enjoy 3D films (Gravity was the recent exception). It's usually dark, makes me squint and I get a headache.

2D is always my first choice. Especially after I got lasik eye surgery, I notice that I don't enjoy 3D as much as I used too. Almost never feels seamless.
3D in IMAX is another ball of wax. Those theaters are more light just due to the amount of light necessary to light that screen.
Glad to see that the next chapter of the story will be IMAX'd. I know it's a worldwide headache to make those expensive shots, but the IMAX experience allows for more effect of the effects. (Joss and a HOST of others will be working feverishly over the next 12 or so months to get it done. I would be ready for my eyeballs to bleed.)
Having said that, yes, modern effects can be off-putting. I know a kid whose eyeballs revolt at 'Gravity' because she doesn't, 'like the way it looks....that kind of animation.'

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I think this is a cool idea. If any movie deserves IMAX treatment it is the Avengers.

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