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March 20 2014

TV by the Numbers believes Agents of Shield is "certain to be renewed". That's not an official word yet but still gives a good vibe. TVline also thinks it's "a safe bet". Yay!

It's good that that's the way things are looking. Obviously, this show has a lot riding on it. I trust we're going to have the tones of everything smoothed out before long.
Unlike a lot of shows that have to make a profit or get canned, Agents of Shield is a big commercial for their mutli-billion dollar movie franchise.

Sure, they want a good commercial for their money, but unless it is an embarrassment for the franchise it is still good promotional material at a reasonable cost.
Good news! I am missing it during this two week break.

It's def starting as a commercial but I have hopes, which are not unfounded based on recent eps, that AofS will eventually confront and perhaps flip or shift our expectations of the Marvel Universe. S.H.I.E.L.D., and even Fury, are not looking good already and I find that compelling.
They've got "The Crazy Ones" listed as "likely to be cancelled," though. Poor Sarah can't catch a break.
TVBTN is predicting this almost since the fall, so no news here.
"The Crazy Ones" looks really bad ratingswise. Nearly all the other CBS shows were already picked up and it is the lowest rated sitcom right now on CBS.
Call me shallow (or whatever), but I was really enjoying The Crazy Ones. It made me laugh. But hooray for SHIELD!
Sarah has shot 188 episodes of TV as the lead actor of the show, and 2 eps of Angel. 190 episodes. So I think she's caught many breaks. And rightfully so.

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No recent breaks to speak of, though. Buffy ended 11 years ago and since then her career has been mainly: Scooby-Doo, two TV series that each died after a single season, and a couple of scream-queen roles. I'm sure she hoped for better.
This isn't really news, TVBTN has been saying that since.. well since they started doing ratings for this season.
@Jocelyn: I am enjoying it as well. :)
They ought to get Sarah to do a guest appearance on AoS - I don't know doing what. For that matter, get Eliza for the same episode and I would be unmanageably happy.
I tried watching "The Crazy Ones," because I adore Sarah, but it didn't hold my interest after the first two episodes. So, while I'm sad for those involved with the show, I'll look forward to her next project.

And of course I'm pleased (though not at all surprised) that Agents of Shield is in good shape. It's so nice to have a Whedon show that is not teetering on the brink of cancellation (or falling over the cliff and hanging on by its fingernails).
Surprised that SMG has only appeared in 188 episodes as a lead, considering 144 were Buffy and she has been in the biz for so long. I doubt she is complaining too much though.

I don't think there is any doubt that AoS will return for a second season, even though it hasn't been the runaway success they (and we) hoped for. However, the end of season 2 leads into the end of phase 2 and I wouldn't be surprised if AoS ends there too. The Marvel Netflix shows will be starting shortly after that and they will likely serve the same purpose as AoS is now, as well as being on a service that attracts the target audience. Unless AoS takes a dramatic up turn in either the ratings or more critical acclaim (without a ratings dip,) then I can't see it making much sense in continuing with it beyond that point.
The Marvel Netflix shows will have significantly smaller audience than AoS does, most likely, since it's pay-TV as opposed to free broadcast. Also, there will probably be little or no direct tie-in with the theatrical movies.

I'm thinking AoS will keep going as long as it can maintain a demo rating somewhere in the vicinity of 2.0 or higher. I predict it will be in a different timeslot next year, since it obviously can't compete with NCIS. A 9 p.m. slot on a different night would be best, I think.

The biggest danger is the suits at ABC/Marvel/Disney chicken out and cut the budget, which would make it impossible for the show to survive.
I catch "Crazy Ones" every once in a while, but it's so frantic I have a hard time keeping up with what's going on. That's probably because Robin Williams doesn't have a slow button. If it wasn't for closed captioning I'd miss half of what they're saying, but the downside of using that is I miss the physicality of what's going on.

AndrewCrossett There's going to be a new NCIS starting in the fall, starring Scott Bakula, but I don't remember if they said what night it'll be on. So that'll be three NCIS shows SHIELD is up against.
She's also had two kids.. I suspect she's probably happy with how things turn out. Most shows never make it past pilot, only one in four make it past their first season, so her batting average is high.
I love The Crazy Ones. Ah, well.
The Marvel Netflix shows will be focusing on an entirely different audience than AoS. They will be for a much older audience with more mature subject matter. Completely apples and oranges. AoS will get a third season easily.
What do you mean by older? I don't really know much about the shows themselves, but I would have thought Netflix has a relatively young demographic of subscribers (i.e. mostly people in their 20s/early 30s.) Those that consume entertainment through the internet are also more likely to be interested in fiction that crosses mediums.

As an outsider of the States, the impression I get is that that really wasn't the kind of audience that watches ABC (I recall many people saying it was a weird fit.)

A quick glance at estimates (they don't release actual numbers) for one of the big Netflix shows, House of Cards, indicates about 2-3 million watched it during the first weekend. That isn't too far off the 5 mill that watched the latest episode of Agents of Shield.
My understanding is that the shows on Netflix will be for more of an adult audience and not children. AoS is a very family friendly show that ages down to very young children. The Netflix shows will be much more edgy/darker/sexy.

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I feel certain that The Crazy Ones will be renewed. Just putting it out there in the universe.
"Unlike a lot of shows that have to make a profit or get canned, Agents of Shield is a big commercial for their mutli-billion dollar movie franchise.

Sure, they want a good commercial for their money, but unless it is an embarrassment for the franchise it is still good promotional material at a reasonable cost."
- Jayne's Hat

Reading this reminded me of Once Upon a Time, which feels like one big Disney commercial most of the time. Fortunately, it's a very entertaining commercial that I tune in for every Sunday:)
I am not saying that the Whedons and friends are not trying to make a good show Angel&Faith. I am just saying that they are not under as much financial pressure to get big ratings as an original show might be since the bean counters see it as a weekly advertisement for the films.
I love The Crazy Ones. Ah, well.

As do I - fingers crossed on that one.

As far as MAoS is concerned, I would be very surprised if it doesn't get picked up for at least another year (for all the business reasons already mentioned.)

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That's good. I've the feeling this show will catch its wind in the second season, much like "BtVS". I'm looking forward to it.
Jayne's Hat-you just touched the issue. I get the feeling SHIELD could use what IM3 called, "The gift of desperation." I don't think the show needs to be a bloodbath-but the prospect of death in the show never seems like a possibility. These chars deal with the bottom-end of the ''superpowered" world as regular persons, it should seem that if they don't keep their heads-they'll lose it. (ie 'we need a few redshirts.')
THEN we can see the difference between the MCU (Where chars are more capable of handling threats), and the show (where you just might not make it home.) It doesn't all have to be Coulson's crew, either. They could show up where another team failed, encounter a survivor or three-that kind of thing. Mesh with teams they find in the field-add intrigue over, 'what were they doing?' 'what REALLY happened?' Double agents, etc. ('Who does #2 work for?!?')
I know there's a whole business side to what I just said-performers are paid and credited due to the number of lines they speak on air-and credits determine royalty payments. I believe if the show committed to these aspects-it would result in a richer experience and reward. (Don't think all of the bean counters were thrilled at the idea of dropping a quarter-billion dollars making The Avengers-until it paid off. Monday Night Football, on the other hand, has a budget of $120M per WEEK.)
Disney/Marvel may not 'need' SHIELD-but ABC seriously does. (Look at that list-that's a lot of blown green lights.)

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I agree with Madhatter. The show has improved tremendously since the beginning, and lots of great shows had rocky first seasons (though BtVS had enough great going for it in the first season that it immediately hooked me).

It kind of feels like TV is going through something of a Renaissance right now, though little of it is on ABC. If the netword shirts are smart (which is usually NOT the case), they will hang on to AoS.

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