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March 13 2004

Tim Minear on testing Wonderfalls episodes. Posted at

+Faith+ I amended your post a little to make the headline more meaningful. This helps readers of our RSS feed in particular.
So, you know how in the review thread, I stated that I didn't like the pilot, but maybe the show is an acquired taste. Based on this info, I think that theory's probably right. I should start really enjoying this show any week now.
does anyone know where i could download the episode? i missed it last night, but i really want to see it.
As I recall, Tim posted in Buffistas that the pilot would be aired again next Thursday.
Wonderfalls isn't airing next Thursday according to the schedule, but you can download it from all the usual places (cough,
Actually it is I've checked a couple places and they all have Wonderfalls airing after Tru next Thursday on FOX.

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