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"This must be what going mad feels like."
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March 21 2014

Nicholas Brendon and James Marsters talk to CBR about Buffy Season 10. The Buffy veterans discuss writing comics, some stories from the early days of Buffy, and the differences between television and print.

Great interview.There is also video.
"Boobies," "poopies" and Nazis? I'm not even...

I was going to link this article to a friend who's a big Xander fan, but after reading

I do kind of like the idea of "What happened to Spike after he got his soul/before he was insane in the basement?", though. Lots of stuff happened in between season endings and beginnings that can be explored.
I laughed so hard.
Nicholas Brendon is not funny to me with his weird and childish jokes, I hope he doesn`t ruin Buffy comics. But I look very much forward to James Marsters`s comic book about Spike. I hope we will also see the Drusilla comic book that was postponed..
Hmmm... a giant, gay vampire who's sweet but has to die because he's too big so they stake him with the Eiffel Tower?

Come back, Mecha-Dawn! All is forgiven!
Mecha-Dawn was awesome.
Come on - she had a tail !
I loved the video. Nick and James are fun together and Nick's sense of humour is something else ! I'll probably get the comics they are involved in to support them both.

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