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March 23 2014

Live stream of Agents of Shield PaleyFest panel at 2:00 pm PT. The cast and crew will talk about their work on the Marvel television series.

Quite a jolly affair.
Been enjoying this even if the stream has been a bit choppy. I love how the cast interact with one and another.
Only caught the last five minutes. Holy crap, watching that crowd storm to the front immediately looked kinda scary even from the far away camera shot. Must be crazy having this happen to you on a regular basis as an actor/celebrity of some kind.
I was hoping the audience questions would be more based on what we had seen already rather than about Marvel characters we might see on the tv show. Hope the show gets another season though.
I missed it! Do you think there will be a transcript?
Watching the livestream was great fun.

The highlights for these panels are usually posted to Paley's YouTube account later. I'm already seeing GIFs of various parts on Tumblr, too. If you're interested in key quotes, Paley's Twitter feed was covering them pretty well.
Deadline Hollywood has a write-up of the event here
Felicia Day also did a nice job moderating the Panel!

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