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March 13 2004

I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls Purchase the theme song by Andy Partridge through iTunes. (iTunes req.)

... did anyone buy it?
I bought it over a week ago when it showed up.
D'ya like it? (I can't buy it, iTunes not available in Europe)
You can watch the music video here, at the official Wonderfalls site. I LOVE the song! The music video is very quirky and whimsical, kind of like Alice in Wonderland. It's pretty good though.
Hell yeah I bought it! But then I consider myself the resident XTC fan...

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D'ya like it?

Yep. Another XTC fan here, too.
Am I the only person who has never heard of XTC or Andy Partridge? Well, until this wonderful song came out anyway.
Gee, and the song hasn't even played on the show yet.
Am I the only person who has never heard of XTC or Andy Partridge?

Depends how old you are, MindPieces. They were mainly "big" in the 80s. Well, they were never huge. But they've been around a long time. Check 'em out! Hope you like.
Another XTC fan here, and I would recommend anything off of "Black Sea", "English Settlement" (the British version), and "Skylarking" for first tastes.

*Sigh* Where has all the smart, well-written, hooky-as-hell pop music gone?

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