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March 24 2014

(SPOILER) The latest Agents of SHIELD mystery - one theory debunked. TV Guide speak to the cast and crew about the major plot development at the end of "T.A.H.I.T.I.".

It's best not to put plot points in the headline as not everyone is watching the show at the same pace as the US. So I've tweaked it accordingly.
I still wish it would turn out to be a Mohra demon. But that's about as likely as it being a giant Smurf. :-(
Of course! Thank you, Simon.
As much goofy fun as a Frost Giant would be, makes complete sense it's not one.
It would make more sense to be a different race (specifically.) I can't even speculate here what would be the apex of awesome.
Kree city. I do like the fact that they (most likely IMHO) debuted this old Marvel alien race on our little t.v. show.
Seems to me Coulson is just assuming it's an alien.
Sif even said no others have visited Midgard.
Given this and the letters GH, I suspect it's not an alien but a deviant, specifically Ghaur.

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