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March 24 2014

Joss Whedon and Natalie Haynes on The Amber Fury 'Part 1: The What'. There's going to be three videos in all about Natalie's novel and it's a lovely chat to listen to.

Joss talking about books and Greek tragedy. Wonderful. And for those who didn't wait till the very end, it will be called the Furies when it is published in the U.S. at the end of the summer.
I think its funny that they still refer to Joss as "The Creator of BTVS" rather than "The Director of one of the highest grossing movies of all time". I like it though.

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Jelly-I think he's as proud of Buffy as anything he'll ever do. He got to tell stories about his chars for over 7 years.
EDIT RATHER THAN REPLY: BtVS is the definition of 'cult hit.' It has not, to this day, achieved all the acclaim its probably due. (I admit I've not seen a minute of it, still. Sorry, dude gotta have something to watch when they wheel me into the if I'll live that long.) I 'strongly suspect' the victory for him was overcoming the campiness of the movie endevor to have something so many people admire, with many more to come. (But it is the Joss series so far which never met the

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I agree with you Barry! I love that he's still known for BTVS after having huge mainstream success!
My copy of The Amber Fury shall soon embark on the long ocean voyage from Great Britain. Safe travels, psychological thriller! May your journey be as peaceful as your characters' emotional lives are tempestuous.
Is Joss wearing an ear stud?!
Hollywood, Shep-the man's gone full-tilt Hollywood...would you blame him?
It's not new. He's been wearing a stud for years.
I have never noticed that!

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