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March 24 2014

First Look at Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Set photos of Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (and Jeremy Renner) in costume during filming.

And the internet starts complaining about Quicksilver's outfit in 3...2...
They look ridiculous! XD

Anyway, I want to see what Whedon can do with nothing holding him back.
Well Quicksilver's outfit doesn't bother me, but for some reason his scruffy beard does! I always saw him as being really quite vain about being so sleek, and not the type to even have a 5 o'clock shadow, let alone this level of facial growth. And lets face it, it wouldn't exactly take him too long to shave! LOL!

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I love Elizabeth Olsen's (1) facial expressions and (2) shoes. Strong women need strong, supportive footwear.
Seeing Joss & crew in winter coats and scarfs next to actors in skirts or without sleeves always makes me feel bad for the actors. Then I remember what their paychecks look like. :D
Methinks much like our Ultronish MoCap man, we will probably see some digital enhancements to Quicksilver's look. I remember a lot of criticism over things like Cap's outfit from stills released on the first one that of course were quickly rendered irrelevant once the movie came out.
Quicksilver with the white hair FTW. Nice! Scarlet's looking appropriately gypsy. Well done - about 1000% better looking Pietro than the Singer version that will grace screens this summer.

At this point tho' I may "try" to begin avoiding set photos / screen grabs / etc. until an official trailer debuts. We're only a couple days into filming and we've already got insight into two action sequences
Next up: who's gay?

(That's my way of saying, I find pictures with huge lense from far away a bit weird).

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gossi-correct. It's llke saying "I got iPhone shots of the guy who photographed my wedding....think he did a good job?"

D-e-f-you got it right the first time. Professionals don't complain, but everyone is thinking how much of their pay packet will go towards prosthetic nipples....

tallMichaelJ-Probably best. I think I'll follow your example.

Ricardo-I'm with you! What's going to be the excuse? Weather? Someone's bleeding? The work is on another continent? "I'm just a human?" we know its easy...they're all just pampered babies! [/sarcasm]

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Yes, I got my priorities people. lol Pumped for more Hawkeye plot in A2.
Quicksilver looks a little funky, but still better than in Xmen. Scarlet Witch just looks good.
Ok, I was kind of afraid to look but I'm rather impressed with both. Their looks fit what it sounds like Joss wants to do with the characters. Also, this Quicksilver looks lightyears better than Singer's. And I'm actually liking the hair.
I like 'em. And I'm a fan of the characters (Quicksilver's one of my fave Avengers in the comics). They look very recognisable, yet modern. I'm actually happy that they weren't afraid to use a take on Quicksilver's 'white lighting bolt on blue' costume.

I agree with Jas' comment above that the one thing that seems a bit off is Quicksilver's beard.

Great to see the Quicksilver + Scarlet Witch + Hawkeye combination... makes me hope that the movie's going to include a time where the Avengers consist of just them together with Captain America: the line-up from the comics known as 'Cap's Kooky Quartet' - who were as occupied with arguing over the group's leadership as they were with fighting crime!
Hey, Quickie has a lightning on his shirt and who does not like blue!
I don't mind the beard. It's not like he had a shaved head in the comics.
Oh good, realistic superhero costumes.
I don't know - Quicksilver looks to me like he got that outfit, as especially those tennies, from Target's superhero bargain bin.
I think Quicksilver looks like he's taking part in the 75th annual Hunger Games, but maybe that's just me. And why is his hair two colors?

Love love Scarlet Witch's sensible-ish shoes. Heck yes.
Maybe th white is a wig and it's his natural hair color underneath? I guess they rework it with their nifty computer gadgets in post-prodcution.
So...what's up with the awkward silver...."armor" guy?

Love Hawkeye's new bow (Saw a shot of Joss demonstrating a move w/the old one) and Elizabeth Olsen looks like she belongs in the Buffy'verse. (Long-last relation of Tara's, perhaps?)

I don't know anything about the characters - I tried to read Quicksilver's Wiki, but I got so confused! They have a complicated backstory, which I can't imagine Joss can work into this movie. Maybe they're just making an appearance, and they'll get fleshed out, so to speak, at some other point? We don't have a backstory for Clint & Natasha before they joined the Avengers Initiative. (I still want to know what happened in Budapest...)
Shadow Quest, the armor guy is a stand in. They're going to create a digital character where that guy is. The Iron-Man armor you see in the movies is almost entirely digital, even when RDJ has the face mask up and you can see him in it.

Since this guy is silver, it's probably Ultron. Having something that is a similar color and texture to the character on the set allows the CG guys to figure out exactly what the character should look like in that lighting. In the first Avengers, every scene with the Hulk had a model of Hulk's head on the set so they could use that for a lighting reference.
I had the same comment as Jason_M_Bryant, except I had it in invisible text. Seems spoilerish. But yeah, that's what it was.

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As far as Quicksilver's backstory goes, you're right, Joss will provide all you need. In fact, the characters are mutants, and Fox has the movie rights to Marvel's mutants. So most of what you would read is probably embargoed anyway and can't be in the film. He'll have to make a streamlined version.

If you really want the backstory, the super-short version is that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are brother and sister named Pietro and Wanda. They were raised by Gypsies, but they didn't know who their real parents were. Then a super villain got them in his group for a short time before they switched sides and joined the Avengers. Everyone loves Wanda. Pietro is kind of a dick.
Nina Report, Ultron's name is in the title of the movie. I don't think it's a spoiler. Yeah, this confirms that he's in the scene, but that's true for every character in the pictures.

By the way, you can just call me Jason. No need to be so formal.
No idea how to use the spoiler tags on this site, every time I try I fail so I'm going to be a big damn hero and give up (this is my way of saying POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT SO STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED) and note that one of the sites running these photos said there were multiple people in the Ultron-ish armor suits and that it looked more like Ultron's robot army than necessarily Ultron himself.
"Everyone loves Wanda. Pietro is kind of a dick."

Well ... probably up to the point she said "no more mutants"
Well, all the other mutants are at Fox, so she got her wish!
Spoiler for Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

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