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March 25 2014

Chris Lowell launches Kickstarter campaign for film featuring Brett Dalton. Beside Still Waters is a love story to Lowell's family lakehouse in Georgia.

(Chris played Stosh "Piz" Piznarski in Veronica Mars, about which Joss raved and on which he guested).

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So... to get the movie I need to pay 50 dollars? Thanks, but no thanks.

That's a common mistake in this kinda of fundraisers. They ask too much and then get nothing. And no prize under 25 dollars? Really?
You can donate as little as $1. If you want the kickstarter to be funded and you want the movie, just contribute what you think is fair, hope the kickstarter is fully funded, then buy it on iTunes if it's distributed. Take the $25 amount, deduct the cost of renting the movie (say, $5) and there you go.
I agree with @the ninja report. I pledged $10 towards the Veronica Mars movie because that's what I was willing to pay regardless of whether I got a reward or not. The rewards I did get were stickers and a PDF of the shooting script, neither of which were reasons I chose that amount. I simply wanted to contribute to ensure the film was made, knowing that I'll eventually spend $20 on the blu-ray as well. While the prizes are neat, they don't have to be the reason you pledge. Also, if you could be given the movie after a pledge of say $25, then it will make it much more difficult for the movie to make any sort of profit.

I definitely understand many of the complaints towards Kickstarter, but I do think that we often just need to temper our expectations.
Probably should mention that Chris plays Piz in Veronica Mars, which Joss guest-starred in.
Chris is also in the excellent Enlisted which more people should watch.
banner, totally agreed. It's a really great, heartfelt comedy. There is room for genuine feel-good comedy on network TV. I hope it gets renewed.
Good news and bad news.

Good news: they met their initial Kickstarter target, which allows for them to pay for more or less all of the finishing costs. Now they're attempting to raise $120,000, which will let them publicize the film better and aim for movie theater distribution.

Bad news: "Enlisted" just got pulled from the lineup (after being aired out of order...where have we seen this before..hmmm). Shame on you, Fox.
Added some more info to the post with linky-links.

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