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March 25 2014

Chris Evans says he's ready to leave acting behind after fulfilling his Marvel contract. He will make at least three more appearances as Captain America in Marvel films.

But it's a brand new article.
Mr. Evans may be being premature. I know he's had a unique perspective on this 'supers' business, but the evolutions that are occuring mean one cannot predict WHAT is going to happen after you wrap this project.
Age of Ultron will count as his fourth appearance, likely followed by Captain America 3 and finally The Avengers 3. I would have no problem with him or any of the others (including Joss) leaving at that point. They will have devoted years of their lives to Marvel at that point. And honestly, I would love for Joss to have some time to focus on projects like Dr. Horrible 2 and others.
I like to think that Chris Evans took a note from Joss Whedon, managing to direct an entire movie over his vacation break from the Marvel Universe and all. What a cute idea. I can just see it now:

Chris: "Hey Joss! How was your vacation?"

Joss: ".....I had a bunch of friends over and we made a Shakespeare film. No biggie."

Chris: :::speechless, lightbulb going off:::::

Actually, from what I know of Chris Evans from interviews, he'd probably curse a lot more than that.
As much as I miss seeing more Whedon-y projects, I do think he should come back for Avengers 3. Completing a trilogy leading up to a Thanos confrontation just seems like a comic book nerd's dream come true. He's helped lay these bricks, and I wonder if he already feels like he needs to see it through.

As for the rest of the cast, having Thanos be the villain of Avengers 3 (NOT CONFIRMED) would certainly allow them to kill a few major characters off. It's unfortunate that this might be dictated by contracts, not story. However, it's completely understandable if any of these actors are worn out. These Marvel obligations clearly take their toll, but at least the results consistently seem worth it.
I enjoy Chris Evans in the role of Steve Rogers more than as Johnny Storm. Yeah, Johnny was a hothead, and Chris played him well, but he just seems...more suited to Captain America. More...mature, more grounded. I believed him more as Rogers than as Storm. He seemed more invested in the character.

I really need to see IM2 (again), Incredible Hulk & IM3 (As well as the Cap & Thor sequels) - I feel like I knew about the reception, but not the dress code, so showed up in my wedding attire.
Libradude-You're right about the Marvel situation...I was speaking of acting in General. (John Favreau found a minute or two to do onscreen-Even Joss appears once-in-a-while.) Mr. Evan's true problem is name recognition. Sad to say, his moniker is just a bit common. When those "little good" movies were out-the best way to identify him was, "the guy who plays..." and that's bad for business. He should be past that now...we can refer to him as 'the guy who is King of Beards!"

SuperScuba-Correct. Chars should end in A3-they need to-but of the four solo-movie chars, you can kill one. Of the other four, you can kill one without emotionally scarring an entire world audience. (It would not do well for Marvel Studios to repeat the mistakes Fox made in XMen3.) I see where the MCU SHOULD go after that, but won't speculate openly.

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Bucky is signed for a nine-picture deal, so...
Yeah, I'm guessing Joss and most of the actors will stay on to complete The Avengers trilogy (ending around c. 2018). After that, who knows. Joss will have spent 8+ years on The Avengers by that point in time, so I'm assuming (and hoping) he will move onto other projects that that point.
I first saw Chris Evans in Danny Boyle's Sunshine and he blew my socks off. This guy has chops, if he ever wanted to do any other films outside of the Avengers oeuvre, I would welcome it.
Sunshine's a great movie. A real underrated gem that one, and it looks fantastic on blu ray too. Worth digging out.
I think they will kill off or injure Steve Rogers in Avengers 2 and we'll see Bucky turning into Cap in the third picture. There must be a reason for a 9-picture deal with Stan.

If Chris Evans has a 6 picture deal and his The Dark World cameo counts Cap 3 is his last movie to make and this can be flashbacks and stuff if necessary.
I think the 9-picture deal might be just a 9 picture option. It's the same number they signed Samuel L. Jackson up for, and what they tried to get from Chris Evans. I think that might be just their standard number. So they don't necessarily have plans to use him Stan in 9 movies, they just want to be able to if things go well.

As for Chris quitting acting, that's how he feels now. He's not doing anything to burn bridges, and he's keeping in the industry with directing, so he could come back if he feels like it in a few years. I understand him wanting to try something different.
His cameo in The Dark World doesn't count, so he still has 3 left (including Age of Ultron).
Two characters I imagine them killed off sooner or later - Cap hopefully no earlier than Avengers 3 and Pepper - maybe in Avengers 2.
Early reviews I've read say that Sebastian Stan does a fantastic job in Winter Soldier. I don't need convincing. I've thought he was fantastic since he was on Once Upon a Time. We're getting to that point where Marvel has to think about successors to these franchises. If audiences really take to him I think Marvel will phase in Bucky as the new Captain America. It's unlikely any of the current actors are willing to commit another 8 years to Marvel after their current deals are done.
I've seen the movie and Sebastian is great. I'll take Bucky as Cap after Evans leaves, whenever that be. I love them both.

I just hope Marvel with many characters on their hand won't recast these great roles and move on to different franchises. Although a new Tony Stark in inevitable, I'd love it to be way down the line.
Seems like he's just expressing the weariness of his contractual obligation. Of course, variety of roles might change his perspective. And you have to work with Marty, Chris! If you ain't worked with Scorsese, you're nobody in this town, nobody! Look what he's done for Leo! [end of sarcastic pep talk]. He's only 32, he's got loads of time to do whatever, but as far as directing goes, Joss Whedon is not a bad role model. I hope he watches Joss like a hawk.

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