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March 25 2014

Agents of SHIELD cast and crew interview with CBR. Clark Gregg talks about wanting to write a graphic novel and online criticism of Deathlok.

Jeffrey Bell talks about television's 22-episode limitation and budget restraints. He promises a powerful emotional conclusion to AoS season finale. Chloe Bennett talks about the generosity of the writers and her emotional closeness to her character Skye.

"Luckiest geek in the world?!?" Come to think of it-he probably is. He totally deserves it though. He's a genuine good guy, and I am very happy for him.

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Budget wise I think they do pretty well, yes it is not on the level of the movies but the show looks a whole lot better than say the bad green screen of Once Upon A Time.
banner-there are times you can feel the budget tighten. Once they correct the periphery, they'll get more money-juice.
Good thing they're talking about the season finale. No one seems to expect the show to end here.

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