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March 26 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #3. Find out what happens next in Zack Whedon's miniseries.

Just wanted to drop a note letting people know that there's a Q&A with Georges Jeanty too. If anyone would like to participate, details are HERE.
Great comic. Jed/Georges have really nailed the crew of Serenity. The writing is so gorram great, and the art captures the emotions of the characters perfectly.
The panels with no text are just amazing. Kudos to Jed for letting Georges fill in the blanks. So many frames of excellence.
The pace is quick but good, keeping with the previous comics, but still letting groups of pages get at the hearts of these characters' relationships.

And..."The mechanic".
#GirlPower (is that how these hashtag/pound/number sign things work?)
Zack, not Jed.

And Zack, not Zach.
Really liking this series, but I am not sure how it will all wrap up in just a few issues!
I love Jayne's unthinking honesty about everything and just about absolutely everyone - I suspect that it's his most endearing trait.

And that word-less exchange he has with River - kudos to The Staff for replicating the actors' vibes so perfectly.

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That look that River gives Jayne when he tells her that one of her versions is only useful for winning a haiku contest is so perfectly River. It's actually my favorite panel of the entire book.
Agreed that the nonverbal scenes are very well done, and Kaylee is a scary lady at times.
The final page... wow, just wow. Didn't see this appearance coming.
Also, Kaylee's big moment was absolutely great!
I am quite impressed with Simon's losing streak to be honest. And that gives Simon and Kaylee a 'taking a scary guy by surprise and hitting him over the head with a large metal object' panel each? Kaylee is such a doll though.

And useless observation, but Inara has three wardrobe changes this issue? That's... a lot?

But I find it interesting that the Operative told Mal where to find him? (Well, as I type that it becomes less interesting, but whatever.)
TenTonParasol - Maybe he didn't tell him. Maybe there's a long and complex story behind that... :-)
I like the character voices in this series. The art is good too. I like that Kaylee, of all people, is the one to neutralize Early (though I'm sure he will escape somehow, and I'm afraid he'll make her pay).

I suspect Bea will become a new crew member by the end of this story.

I've seen several people say they had no idea who that was in the last-page reveal. The beard threw a lot of people, including me.
I mean, I only recognized him because I'm used to Ejiofor with a beard these days for some reason. Might have to do with some shots I've seen from 12 Years a Slave.

kernel32cz, maybe. It looks pretty dramatic. Mountains and snow and epic climbing montages. How do you locate someone who doesn't actually exist though?

Stray thought: what exactly is Early's job? Find the ship, bring them back. But do they need to be alive for that? Seems to be bringing them back with neat little holes in their heads would've been loads easier. Maybe I'm thinking too much on it. After all, they kept Zoe alive.

Bea being a new member of crew seems very possible at this point. I like her, but I sort of hiss at any roster changes on principle. (I'll get over it in like an hour.)
I get the feeling the Alliance would still like to get River back alive, but would prefer to have her killed than to remain at large. I don't know why they would care about any of the others, and so I don't know why Early didn't just kill the crew before they even saw him, sling the comatose River over his shoulder and take off. He must have some reason -- professional or personal -- to complicate the job like this.
I have to say I was expecting Saffron. Seeing The Operative again made me grin.
I suspect Bea will become a new crew member by the end of this story.

My money's on her and Jayne becoming an item - and possibly not staying on the ship after the current saga concludes (although I think that it's clearly in Mal's best interest to keep them around if ever wants to make a living.)

The beard threw a lot of people, including me.

Huh - I had no trouble identifying him (and I have yet to see anything in which Ejiofor wasn't clean-shaven) although the context clues did help (how many people do we know in this Verse who would have a prominently displayed katana on their mantelpiece?)

Stray thought: what exactly is Early's job? Find the ship, bring them back. But do they need to be alive for that?

My take on the current situation is that the current manhunt is a track and imprison rather than hunt and kill affair (since the last thing the Alliance needs to do right now is make literal martyrs out of the Verse's latest crop of high profile political dissidents.) Remember - Serenity was all about covert ops. The Miranda transmission has transformed the Crew's activities into one of the most overt displays of anti-government intrigue probably since The War. Far better to round them up (after determining who they are - seems to me that the only people officially affiliated by name with Serenity are Mal, ZoŽ, and Inara) parade them around as petty criminals and then send them to a gulag somewhere until people forget about them and they die in obscurity. With the possible exception of River - my guess is that they'd feel safer if she were to just... disappear as soon after the public parade part of the process as possible (the fewer questions the better.) After all - Jubal Early is, first and foremost, a bounty hunter and not an assassin (unlike the last guy.)

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