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March 26 2014

Amy Acker to guest on Agents of SHIELD! She'll be playing a familiar but previously unseen face from Coulson's past.

I could totally imagine Amy playing a cello. :)

'Cause we all know that's gonna happen.

edit: why did I think it was a violinist? *selfslap*

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Oh yes Amy as the cellist!
This is so cool. I really can't wait for this season to get rolling again now. Damn, I'm pleased.
omg!!! I can't wait!!
Someday we will find out that Fred, Illyria, Dr. Saunders, Wendy Lin, Beatrice, and Audrey the Cellist are all the same person.
Ah-haa! Remember when Jed & Maurissa said, some weeks ago, that they were having cello lessons given to an actress they love? I suggested back then that it could've been Amy they were talking about!
You all will have to excuse me for doing a little internal 'I was right' dance of joy - Amy's awesome!
Awesome! Amy makes all shows better :)
Oh wow. That's fantastic news.
Perfect casting. Love this so much.
And Agents of SHIELD just won me back over. Good move.
Hat trick.
I feel like we should have seen this coming. Completely psyched!
I think she's long past the hat trick, Gossi. This is project number 5 or so for Amy isn't it. In fact maybe she now holds the record for being in the most Whedon projects? Very awesome news, and I bet Alexis will turn up by the end of season 2. :)
No way! Awesome!
Joss might've had a hand in this ;) he does love recasting Amy and Nathan.

Excuse me while I squee/gasp at the perfect casting/inevitable angsty scenes between Amy and Clark. CANNOT WAIT. Reunion of Talent is shiny!
I think Clark and Amy are a great combination - I simply love the interchange of the Whedon family of actors.
Edit: Was this your doing Joss-man? Good job!

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@Toivo, She's actually tied the record. Both Nathan Fillion ad Alexis Denisof have been in 5 Whedon projects. She has, however, set the record for most Whedonverse universes, seeing as Nathan was in Firefly and Serenity and Alexis was in Buffy and Angel.

EDIT: Just remembered that both Lisa Lassek, Joss' editor,and Shawna Trpcic, his costume designer, have actually both worked on more Joss projects. But in terms of Actors, She's tied the record.

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Squeeeeeeeeee *breath* eeeeeeeeeeeee!
Glad her Person of Interest (in which she's been fantastic) schedule allows her to do this. Amazing. Excited for this.
Yay! If anyone can really break your heart by finding out Coulson is still alive (assuming her character does find this out), it's Amy.
Oh just awesome.

I think it may be all too much for me, I just know that Clark and Amy are going to make me cry.
Leonato and Beatrice...
"His niece?!"

She was his niece in Much Ado.
So how long until the entire Leonato's household is included in the Marvel Universe?
Cause now both daughter and niece are now in it.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. aka DC's Human Target Season 1 Redux?...

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Amy Acker played a murderous spider lady on Grimm. Coulson dated a mysterious "cellist from Portland." Coincidence?! Yes. But it's still fun to think about the connections.
Marvelous news. When do we get Marsters as a villain?
This is amazing news, it's gonna be so cool watching them together on screen again.
Yes! Can't wait to see Amy Acker again on a Whedon show! And if she really is going to be the cellist...well, damn. :)
Here are the records for acting appearances in different Whedon projects, BTW (I'm counting Firefly and Serenity as part of the same project, and also Avengers/Aos).

5: Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof

4: Nathan Fillion, Tom Lenk

3: Felicia Day, Eliza Dushku, Bob Fimiani, David Fury, Summer Glau, Carlos Jacott, Ashley Johnson, Fran Kranz, Jamie McShane, Michael Nagy, Damion Poitier, Jeff Ricketts, Andy Umberger, Joss Whedon, Kevin Will, Jonathan Woodward
I am so happy! Glad she could find the time from POI. Hope she'll reccur as much as possible.
And with a name just one letter off from a certain Portland cellist known in geeky music circles. I assume we Portlanders are just going to assume this is intentional...
Amazing news, and I'm sure their reunion shall be pretty heartbreaking and Amy and Clark will be brilliant as per usual.
This is brilliant news! I can't wait to get my heart stomped on, haha.
b!X, when I saw the cellist's name I made that connection too… had another midday-squee attack
"Yay! If anyone can really break your heart by finding out Coulson is still alive (assuming her character does find this out), it's Amy."

So, the reverse Fred?
Mentally hearing the song, "It had to be you ..."
omg....Fuck Yes to this.
I knew she would show up eventually! Because Joss once said that even though he tries not to constantly cast his favorites, after a while, not-casting Amy Acker is an exercise in stupidity.
Yes!! More Amy Acker is always great news!
Joss is just channeling Dickens. Oliver: "Please sir, I want some more." Bumble: "What!" Oliver: "Please sir, I want some more ... Amy Acker!"

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Yay. Now we could only get Tom Lenk as an intern for SHIELD.
you had me at 'cellist.'
double post.

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A completely expected but still delightful bit of casting news.
Amy Acker played a murderous spider lady on Grimm. Coulson dated a mysterious "cellist from Portland." Coincidence?! Yes. But it's still fun to think about the connections.

Love it, the ninja report!
It's always a pleasure to see the wonderful Ms. Acker in a Whedon project. She is one of my most beloved Whedonverse actors, so this is indeed awesome news. :)
Great to hear Amy will be dropping by.
Noooo! I think it is a waste to cast her as just one of the 'normals'. I would've liked it better if she was playing an Agent of SHIELD or an enemy agent. But who am I to say that she's not? Maybe she's really playing a spy/sleeper disguised as Phil's cellist girlfriend. Imagine if she was really playing 'The Clairvoyant'!!
What a wonderful bit of news to wake up to! Can't wait to see Amy again and I hope, maybe, she'll eventually be in more episodes?
Anybody else catch that her "Person of Interest" episode this week mentioned both shwarma and Captain America? Could have been a little shout out, maybe.

His niece?!

redeem147 | March 26, 18:23 CET

Hah....this reaction reminds of me the story I've read about how - supposedly - Jason Bateman wanted to have his sister Justine cast as a reoccurring love interest on Arrested Development and how the technical squick factor of siblings playing love interests would have been hilarious. Still, Amy was only Clark's fictional niece, so not quite the same.


In any case, while I was a teesny bit hopeful that someone like Clark's wife, Ferris Bueller and Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey, would get asked, knowing it's Amy tying the Whedonverse appearance record is just as equally awesome

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This is AMAZING! Hope to see more Whedon alums in the future.
I wonder though if, story wise, things will be set up so we're going to see Gunn go all 'Terminator' on Fred.
Always approve of more Amy. She is amazing.
Yay. Now we could only get Tom Lenk as an intern for SHIELD.

I'd love to see him fanboying over Fitz.
More Amy! I just watched her and Fran in Lord of Catan and it made me wish I watched the other shows she guests on just to see her more.

A quick imdb search revealed amazing Whedonverse connections to me! Jennifer Grey, Clark Gregg's wife, stars in Joss' "In Your Eyes" and her father, Joel Grey was in three episodes of Buffy's season five as "Doc." Crazy stuff!

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