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March 27 2014

Happy birthday Nathan! Our captain turns 43 today.

Happy birthday Capt'n!
Yessir, Capt'n Tightpants!
Oh Captain my captain!
Best. Captain. Ever.
Oh Happy Day!
Captain, my Captain! Happy birthday! I'll give you my gift when I see you in June at Phoenix Comic Con! Yay! So happy!

And yeah, what Jocelyn said.
"Oh sweetie, don't feel bad. He makes everybody cry. He's like a monster."
Still ruggedly handsome.

And in honor of his birthday, why not grab a Snickers?
As opposed to Richard Castle, whose Birthday is listed as April 1st.

"And in honor of his birthday, why not grab a Snickers?"

Hey - thanks for that. Hadn't seen that clip.
Snomanj Isn't that fun?? Makes me chuckle every time I watch it. "Dirty, dirty whore!" "Not going anywhere for a while?" It's so perfect.

Damn. Now I want a Snickers.
Happy Birthday Cap'n!
Happy birthday Mr. Fillion!
Alan Tudyk had the whole audience at HorrorHound Weekend say "Happy Birthday Nathan" while he recorded us at the end of a Tucker and Dale panel in Cincinnati, Ohio last weekend.

I hope Nathan saw it!

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