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March 28 2014

Alyson Hannigan talks Willow on 'Buffy'. On Inside the Actor's Studio James Lipton asks Alyson Hannigan if her personality is similar to the character of Willow Rosenberg.

Hannigan mentions that she tried to distance herself from Willow by 'talking like a trucker' because the character would seem too close to her own personality. She mentions that Willow was 'every color of the rainbow' and that she wished that she had Willow's computer skills.

Lipton also seems to quote Joss on how Hannigan's personality began to affect how he wrote Willow when the segment begins but doesn't mention Joss by name.
For such a long time, I felt Season 6 was largely a mis-step. Now (because I'm older?) I think it's a stand out season.
Since this is on Hulu, only people in the US or pretending to be, can see this.
Wow, Tausif thanks for sharing this. I just became obsessed with HIMYM so this is awesome :). And I do remember Joss saying as the series progressed he found himself writing bits of the actors into the characters. I think he said Giles got cooler and Willow got sexier.
I got into _HIMYM_ solely for Alyson, but the first 2-3 seasons were so good I began getting and enjoying films with Jase and Josh in them and even watched the lousy later seasons.

I can see shaping a characetr to fit the actor once cast. (Heck, a lot of the Tara in my fics is actually derived from things Amber has said about herself in interviews.) Which amkes me wonder; if Bianca ahd not had a prior obligation and had been available to play Cordelia, or if, once Charisma was cast, Joss ahd asked her to play the part as Hispanic, if Cordy would have devloped differently.

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