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March 28 2014

An apology from Joss to the residents of Seoul. He apologizes for the disruption the filming of The Avengers: Age of Ultron will cause to their city and country.

Everything is written in Korean but Joss speaks in English.

h/t to Kotaku for the article that leads to the video

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Look at all the demolition behind him! And the high power fans. Big fight scene or destruction rained down upon the city by a bad guy?
Lioness- Too true. I can see Seoul residents asking why the prospect of whole-scale destruction is newsworthy. It's a great opportunity to exercise a little political goodwill. Is he making a play for UNSC President?
Whoever had the idea to make this video obviously knows Korean culture, cos this was a smart move. Also, subtitling the video in the most formal language possible*, again, smart move. He says all the right things, too. But, yikes, someone should've corrected his body language. Apologizing with your arms crossed could come off as insincere and possibly rude. I'm not saying he should do a 90 degree bow or whatever, but, yeah...

*in use in modern-day Korea, at least.
I'm always trying to be aware of my body language, and I try to not cross my arms...but when I do, it's usually because I'm a bit self-conscious. For a guy who is always behind the camera and not in front of it, I can see how that might apply to Joss. Not saying that is what's going on, but it's partly why I do it. I know people are going to focus on me as soon as I start talking.
Trying to delete a comment I made, and major editing is the only way I can figure it. Apologies.

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Damn, Joss is everywhere. I can certainly see the appeal of travelling the world with the Avengers rather than staying home to make tv (family considerations excluded). Joss, I totally forgive you for not being as involved in Agents of Shield that I would have liked (I know you were concerned).
PAAATE-His body language says more "Why do I have to apologize when we've already paid for the permits?" I suppose some professions are more contingent upon what 'someone thinks is a good idea.' Not that he wants to ruin Seoul's morning drive-he just wants to make his movie.

llana99-Methinks the distance between Joss and 'the executive team at SHIELD' is more physical than conceptual. SHIELD has their scripts in-probably have since before A2 started shooting. Odds are the scripts and the 'story-trees' for the 2nd half of season1 (and going into Season2) were crafted at his kitchen table...right next to the oven mitts. That way Jed and Mo can get their feet wet without the small detail of, "What is supposed to be happening?"

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@PAAATE: Valid points re: body language. However, if you look at his face, it tells a completely different story that should leave no doubt about his sincerity. He just looks friendly.

@BarryC: But that's not how TV writing works. Sure, they have to have a roadmap with major plot events for the season and stuff that ties into the larger MCU and connects to movies but the day-to-day stuff happens in a writers room and I bet a whole lot of last minute stuff going on, as per usual. It's not just Mo and Jed sitting at Joss' dinner table making up stories.

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Yeah, I wasn't criticizing him. I was analyzing the video from a Korean perspective. Not that I'm Korean.

Crossing arms in Korea is basically a way of telling someone no. Like, you make a suggestion to a Korean, he/she crosses his/her arms... They're often too polite to just say no, at that point you should say "or we could..."

But whatever. You can play the foreigner card for the weirdest things in Korea, and this isn't very weird. It's not like he'll have a mob of angry Koreans after him, anyway... ^_^

Oh, and the guy in the comments calling South Korea a third world country makes me sad >_<
D-e-f: An executive producer's job is to make sure your producer(s) get what they need from the writers. Those writers' meetings can happen anywhere...some of us just have houses large enough to hold court in.
I guess my point was he's probably involved daily-just not the "stand here, light this, say this" variety. The question would remain if the show would have any improvement if he did that-rather than the army of professionals that are doing the job now.

PAAATE-Some people think any country is third-world if it's not the US. (The state of S. Korean TV and internet would blow thier tiny minds apart.)
It's great that he did this video - very wise and prudent. I've been to Asia and can honestly report that I am a clueless American, who tried desperately to have a clue. Hopefully, the South Koreans will get pass any odd body language as due to Whedon's own culture.

I also find this video to have another impact. It reminded me that yes indeedy Whedon is out there making this film and not in some other Marvel dimension. It helps me feel more positive, and less jealous?, of the demands of Age of Ultron.
Personally, I only fold my arms if I want people to realize that I already know how pompous I am and don't care.
Love this. That Joss fella is a real class act.
I think I've seen Joss cross his arms in other interviews. Whatever the interpretation of others, I think it's just a comfortable position for him.

My dad is the same way. He's told me about times that someone tried to tell him to uncross his arms because it was make him look tense. He argued that it didn't mean tenseness for him.

Personally, I avoid it because I know it can be misinterpreted, but if someone does it naturally, it can be easy to forget.
Yeah, I'm definitely an arm-crosser myself. Good tip for if I wind up in Seoul, though, so thank you PAAATE.
Does anyone know where in Seoul Joss is filming? I have a friend that lives there and is an actor. She's like to check it out.
I read something a few weeks ago about a Gangnam district madmolly.

Ok, I found the article I read it in. This should be the info your friend needs madmolly.
Thank you eddy!
Look at all the demolition behind him! And the high power fans. Big fight scene or destruction rained down upon the city by a bad guy?


But, yikes, someone should've corrected his body language. Apologizing with your arms crossed could come off as insincere and possibly rude.

I'm pretty sure that the video was recorded in Italy, so the destruction in question is not rained down upon Seoul, and the Korean translator was not in a position to correct Joss's body language.
madmolly, I also live in Seoul, and they (very publicly) posted a list in the subway of the times and locations of the filming over the next 2 weeks. ...So I took a picture. It's written in Korean, but that shouldn't be a problem for your friend. Is there any way I can get this pic to you or your friend?

I visited one filming location today to join the crowds. Security people everywhere! I respect the process (and don't want to get in trouble), so I won't say what all I saw. Not a ton of action visible from sidelines, anyway. It was fun to get to watch though! :)
CellarDoor, thanks for the info. She did manage to see a little filming. Also found out they will be filming right around the corner of her apt for a few days. So she's pretty excited. And like you, she is being silent about what she sees.

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