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March 28 2014

Cahiers du Buffy: TV Criticism vs Film Criticism. New Yorker critic employs Buffy as a platform to describe the co-evolution of film and TV criticism.

I was with her until she tried to champion "The Middle." Nope.
I really enjoy reading Nussbaum's criticism, and tend to agree with her in general; the fact that she reveals how amazingly, terribly wrong-headed Richard Brody is about television--that's just the cherry!
Maybe it's just me but I always thought BtVS looked pretty good for the most part? Obviously some episodes were better than others (Hush, OMWF, Restless etc) but I always thought the series had a very pleasing aesthetic and the directing and cinematography was above average. Especially for itís time. Yes, there are some cheesy special effects and hokey monster suits but that aside I was always impressed by BtVS.
Its not just you, vampmogs, neither only you and me. ;)

The same way i always thought Joss was a great director, despite being probably in a minority, both on tv and cinema.
I agree. Joss was actually my favourite director on BtVS. His episodes always attempted to do something different with the camera and I thought he brought out the best in his actors. For example, how many other shows attempted to do long takes like we saw at the beginning of Anne or Conviction? I always found his directing ambitious.
Joss' directing made me aware of what directing actually means. The way he goes on about shots in The Body where Buffy is talking to the paramedic and she's totally boxed in by the guy's shoulders, etc. Totally didn't pay attention to stuff like that before.

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