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March 29 2014

Emma Caulfield bids adieu to YouTube Vlogging. After 20 amazing months of weekly musings and advice to fans, Emma's vlog has ended.

Stay gay! That's a fancy catchprase.
Wise choice. 'Vlogging' is the hardest thing a performer can do...mainly because A) It's not a real word and B) If it were a word, it would not be a verb.
Since I don't "do" computer videos, this unfortunately will not change my life.
I am sorry to see her vlog go! It was a great reminder of what a wonderful fountain of natural charm she is...even without a script! Well, may she find her way back again and again to large and small screens in the future...
Sorry to see trolls out on Whedonesque, but mostly just thankful that Emma gave us so many wonderful, irreverent, and borderline-offensive videos over the past 20 months. I missed plenty of them so hopefully she'll keep them online for us to enjoy awhile longer.

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