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March 29 2014

Graph ratings of your favorite TV shows. Graph TV's graphs show each respective TV series' episode and what the IMDb ranking of each said episode is (via

Angel never went downhill. Perhaps season 2 was a bit better than season 4 overall, but season 5 was the best that show - or arguably almost any show - ever was.
Buffy never really went downhill either. It changed, sure, and in some respects weakened, but it also got stronger in other respects. Season 3 had a much more solid season arc than 4, but 4 saw the beginning of the highly experimental episodes.
Dollhouse definitely never went downhill. It had some ups and downs, but both seasons ended better than they began, and I was very satisfied with the series finale.
I reject the notion that any of these shows got worse as they went. There were bumps along the way, but that's just part of the process.
J Linc, it would be preferable if we didn't have such sensationalist and loaded headlines. We don't need the hits that badly. I've tweaked your entry accordingly.
And now my comment makes little or no sense. ;)

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It's interesting that the beginning of Angel's third season is rated relatively low on IMDb. That's easily my favorite part of the series.

Interesting tool to play around with.
Posted on io9 that I'm strangely proud that I could tell anyone the episode title, who wrote it, a summary, and probably even its original air date for any dot on the Buffy chart. Why have I held onto that useless information for over 15 years?
CaptainB, it's not useless. When I was in school I used to impress people by asking them to say any number between 1 and 144, and I could name the episode. (In hindsight, maybe I was imagining that they were more impressed than weirded out.)
One point about the graphs is that the y-axis is not the same in ever picture, so comparing shows is a little tricky using the screenshots on io9.

I also remember reading an analysis of Amazon reviews that someone did for a particular book series. The person found that the most negatively reviewed books also got the most number of reviews. So it may be that some episodes get pulled further down by frustrated fans.
sw5110, I agree. I know personally I would be compelled to rate/review if I was not pleased. Alternatively, I choose to share my enjoyment on social media rather than rate/review.

According to the Graph though AoS is looking up. Which with the way the show has been going is about right.
This is the coolest thing ever. Thanks for posting!
Very cool site, thanks.
The top rated Buffy episodes:
1. Once More, With Feeling
2. Hush
3. The Body
4. The Gift
5. 3-way tie between Passion, Becoming Pt. 2, Chosen

The lowest rated Buffy episodes:
139. 3-way tie between Bad Eggs, Doublemeat Palace, As You Were
142. Beer Bad
143. I Robot, You Jane
144. Where the Wild Things Are

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