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March 14 2004

The Grudge Behind the scenes clip Sarah at work in her new film, The Grudge.

A straightforward, non-flashy look at the American remake of "The Grudge" starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and directed by the original film's director, Takashi Shimizu.

That was very interesting. Everything there said seemed like a "fair assessment" to me. Except for the stuff said in Japanese. I don't know what was happening there..

Those scenes really did shock me, though. I've always loved how Japanese music don't have to rely on music or anything to shock the audience. Instead, they're just in your face. Sometimes literally.
The first Japanese segment is a lot of quotes from the original Japanese movie.

The second Japanese segment, when SMG is running down the street and they cut, they're just saying "One more time, one more time."'s Bill whatshisname ^_^.

The segment after that Shimizu is saying "Which one should it be?"

When Shimizu talks, he says (very rough paraphrase), "If you talk about American movies from a Japanese perspective, what comes to mind are great displays of SFX, and those are what give the audience pleasure, and I feel like this is what American audiences are expecting in this movie. But, since this movie is a remake of the Japanese movie, I want to keep the foundation of the Japanese film, but I feel like Japanese people will be slightly disappointed if it's a rehash, so I tried to integrate elements of the Japanese movie with new things in the development for the U.S. release that will be different and hopefully impress both audiences."

It sounds pretty impressive. I wish I knew where in Tokyo they were filming though, so I could go stalking...Ah, well.
Thank you for the info, mchan! :)
that was cute. jason behr looks really different. and clea duvalls in this too? its like a buffy reunion.

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