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March 30 2014

Captain America's new look in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Production images show Cap's new suit.

I'm sure this, like Quicksilver's, will look much different on screen with lighting and effects, but I'm partial to the suit he wore in The Winter Soldier, at least from what I've seen of it in photos and the trailers.
Is that even Chris Evans?? It doesn't look like his profile. Stunt guy maybe...

As long as they keep things skin tight and spangly and filled with Chris Evans' muscles, I'm happy.
I believe it's a stunt guy. More angular than Chris. Makes sense since here they are mostly shooting him from the back doing stunts.
I can't see much of the uni....think I'll wait to see the professional pics. (Given I wore my Avengers' disc out-There will be time to decide if I like it later.)
I really wasn't much of a fan of the suit Cap had in The Avengers. Really liked his WW2 outfit (which they also dug out again for Winter Soldier) but I get why that's not appropriate. I also loved his simplistic suit in Winter Soldier but that was more of a SHIELD-only outfit I think. I think he definitely needs some sort of body armour look going on, which he seems to have here. Shiny!

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Damn. The chinstrap is back! I hate that ugly looking thing! For some reason, to me at least, it always makes him look like a little boy, rather than Cap.

It's a bit closer to the current look that he has in the books I suppose. But I guess I'm not a fan of that redesign. Already missing the Avengers movie look. It just felt more like a superhero outfit, in a Chris Reeves Superman like way..
I think it's ok, like they combined the SHIELD suit(darker blue), the avengers suit and the ww2 one and came up with something that says Cap, but not CAP!, so not quite as eye-catching.
Let's see which other Avenger gets a makeover 'cause it seems they're in style. Geddit.
I didn't care for the suit in The Avengers, but it did have the advantage that Chris Evans said it was "super comfortable." It's just a personal thing, but the movie costumes are so far from real world practical that it makes me feel a little better when an actor says that he doesn't mind wearing one of these beasts. It makes me feel like someone might *actually* wear one of these things if superheroes were real.

I do like the look of both this and what I've seen from stills of the Winter Soldier version.

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Hard to tell, but seems like an improvement over the Avengers version, which was the closest thing to cosplay in the movie I thought. While I understand the "wings" wouldn't work, I do wish someone would try to weave in the chainmail look on the chest as a nod to the comics original
Cap's costume is the sort of thing that you can't really tell if it's working or not until you see some proper footage. So I guess we'll have to wait a bit yet..
I only liked his costume in the first film (hated the Avengers costume--it was the stand-out cheese of the film, though I could accept it because Cap himself is a bit cheesy and dated). It had straps, buckles, looked leathery and protective, and the colors were subdued/not overly cartoonish.

From what I've seen of the trailers for Cap 2, one of the outfits he wears looks quality (his dark SHIELD uniform).

If Cap didn't have to always fight as a symbol, I'd be happy watching Chris Evans in khakis and a tight white t-shirt (his best look in the first Captain America).

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