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March 31 2014

Behind Buffy S10: Christos Gage on Buffy #1. Christos Gage talks about the first issue of Buffy in season 10.

There are some very light hints about future issues but I don't know f it warrants a spoiler warning.

I'm surprised the staffers didn't have Willow cast Xander a new eye. Good to see the comics are doing quite well.
The issue is a success. They printed my letter. ;)

Still inwardly squeeing.

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Well done! And yeah Gage is rocking it on this title. As I knew he would!
Kind of late to the party but I only read the issue today.

It was great. I think the best Buffy comic since early on in season 8. Maybe even better than those.
a lot of stuff happening, but it didn't feel cramped. and very emotional. and yet still funny.
Also Anya!

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