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April 01 2014

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. showrunners talk with The Hollywood Reporter. "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" resturns tonight on ABC, and executive producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tanchareon talk to the Hollywood Reporter about ratings, the development of the show, and what to expect in the final seven episodes of the season.

I don't see any spoilers. And I think setting up every interview as a response to criticisms is getting rather old (not your fault impalergeneral, that's THR's headline). So I've edited a bit.
Yes, the show has mostly been mission-of-the week stories, but there has been significant character development and lots of seeds planted for long-term storylines later on. AoS follows the same general format as the first seasons of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse.
You're right, it's getting a little old. Especially when they still aren't addressing the criticism correctly. I completely agree with one of the comments :

"Viewers aren't stupid. They don't expect a Marvel movie every week, I wish they'd stop using that as a crutch. What people want are strong well-written characters and good stories, which this show doesn't have."

I don't care about the Marvel references and the cameos, I want to be invested in the crew, but I'm just getting more bored every week. And half of the people I know have already given up for that reason.

I'll watch until the end of the season because of the Whedon name, but I'm not sure I'll watch season 2.

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A lot of folks gave up on Buffy and Angel because of the similar format of their first seasons as well. Yes, Joss was more directly involved with those, but it's usually unwise to judge any Whedon show by its first season. I also don't really understand the complaints that AoS is boring. I've been catching up lately, and I think the show is a pretty solid blend of action, comedy, and drama (not perfect- but constantly improving).
The talent is there. The sandbox is sound. There's a good show in there. I'm going to stick with it until the end of the season at least.
I watched the entire season to date in about 4 days early last week. I had to in order to be caught up for a fan/facebook screening of Cap 2. Personally I think the show started off slow and a little too procedural. It's still procedural, but the characters are getting deeper and more rounded out. The subplots are building and the mysteries are interesting.

I can see how they are building S1 to be the groundwork for a long-running show. They've got a lot to pull from as they go on.

I must say though that seeing Cap 2 before the April 1st ep (which I saw at Paley) did NOT spoil anything. It is better to see the ep first, but not necessary. The "everything is connected" doesn't mean it's all mandatory. It just plays better seeing things as part of one universe.

Going forward from this week in Marvel TV/Movie releases I suspect a lot of people will be coming back to AoS to finish out the season. Hopefully the trend of better episodes and character development will continue and take advantage of those extra viewers.
Glad to hear the last seven are running without interruption. Especially with the Olympics, the schedule (for a lot of shows) has been very rough this year.
I think all the elements are there, but just not firing on all cylinders yet. That happens with almost all new shows. I'm glad they acknowledged there were things that were working and things that weren't.

Though, I'm not entirely sure what they thought "wasn't working" and cast out, because I don't see many shifts in characterization or tone. Maybe I happened to agree with the things that were working and the the things they didn't think were working were minor.
The description has a typo.
I think the prob is their idea of the "human impact." They give it by showing some random firefighters getting sick. But what the audience wants is humans from SHIELD. If there were episodes about Sitwell, or the guy who was playing galaga in The Avengers - it'd feel more like they were fleshing out the movie universe (instead of kind of hiding from it). I think this why the last episode (with Sif) was so satisfying.

That said, i think people will look back and appreciate the season arc parallels between Coulson and Deathstroke. The little details of each story will have more weight when you know were it's going.
(And i expect the same satisfaction when they reveal (POSSIBLE SPOILERS - but really just my guesses): Ward is the Punisher's little brother, and skye is from the alien race that opposes the chitauri/skrull, etc.)

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This line by Jed will probably get mocked a lot by some fanboys:

"We think of the movies as webisodes for us."

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