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April 01 2014

Television Without Pity shuts down this week. I post this news because for years TWOP was my go-to archive of Buffy recaps.

I love their description of "Angel".
For maximum pleasure, please read to the tune of "Copacabana":

"His name was Angel. He was a vampire. A guilty soul’s his curse to bear, but did the Gypsies do his hair? He moved to L.A. when he left Buffy. During five years of sturm und drang he found others to join his gang, but in 2004 the network said “No more.” At least he got to be a puppet and had fights galore. He beat up stalkers, became a father, helped destroy his godlike granddaughter, then went to work for the Senior Partners. Vengeance and action and lots of door-smashing: that was Angel. Read the recaps."
I used love reading their Angel recaps - although I never understood the Strega's (the recapper) hatred for Wesley.

But they were always funny.
My understanding is that the archives are going to go away entirely, so save your favorite recaps while you still can.

There's a staff sign off thread.
That's sad! I liked them. I should go check them out before they go away.

Meanwhile, I was actually going to ask if anyone knows of a good place to read recaps of the comic book seasons of Buffy and Angel. I found that I'm not very good at reading comic books, but I really want to know what all has happened (I AM reading Leaves on the Wind - I figure I can handle a set of 6 comics). Thanks for any suggestions.
What the hell! How come every time a good web site gets bought by a larger company, they revamp the web site, change everything, and then end up closing the site! The same thing happened to Ugh!!
TWOP's archives are going to stick around after all. Link. So there's that.
Sad, but it's not what it used to be. Gave me lotsa laughs, though.

Some of the moderators (who were also recap/review writers) were horrible at policing the message board forums when it came to clamping down on non-invisi-texted spoilers, so it was hard to stick around if you wanted to remain spoiler-free. Maybe that changed in the last four or five years, dunno, rarely visited anymore.

Other than that, had few complaints. Remember when it was Mighty Big TV ?

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Oh, this makes me so sad. Their forums are probably the best place on the internet to talk TV.
So in the end, a big TV network umbrella (NBCU) cancelled TWoP... sorry, but that's just funny.
Thanks for the update on the recaps archive, Sunfire. Glad to hear they won't vanish on Friday.

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