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April 01 2014

The multi-level stereotypes of The Cabin In The Woods. Cabin in the Woods is movie of the week at The Dissolve.

Discussion kicks off with an essay on the use of stereotypes in CitW, with more features to follow through the week.

I adore the Dissolve and am thrilled to see them take on Cabin. Great site great film!
I think they screwed up some of their identifications of character with cliche ( as I recall-watched my copy once and disliked it.) They make a little too much of the average-Joe characterization of the two guys running the murder; it's less about these guys simply being creepy and more about the simple fact that people who do something constantly, especially for the living, stop actively thinking about the consequences of that "something" and so just go on with their routines. I mean, I don't expect "simply" from Joss.
Brinign cliches out into the open and showign them as the relaity has a long history, example being Chalker's "Dancing Gods" series. I still have a vague notion of writing a story about a classic cattle drive with horses and wagons, set on a terraformed planet in the future.
DaddyCatALSO-send me the movie?
Continuing on The Dissolve: The moviemaker meta and moral conundrums of The Cabin In The Woods

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