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April 01 2014

Hawkeye and Hulk get 'Avengers 2' spotlight, says Feige. Feige promises that the two characters we have not seen since the last Avengers movie will have large parts in Age of Ultron. Also says that he would love to do a solo Hulk film with Mark Ruffalo. In related news, Kevin talks about Joss Whedon's collaborative working process at

*Kevin Feige references three movies* *I go look up two*
The interviewer should realize that being down-to-earth is what allows for that success. He and Joss don't ask "will this play in Peoria?" They are as big of fans of the material as anyone, so they put up what everyone wants to see

One of the true tests of meaningful success he annd Joss possess is the way one can say "You mispronounced .my name." If you get the sense you're talking to an unfavorable character, you are. With those gentlemen, you don't.

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Wasn't there talk of a Hulk TV series at one point, to tie into the MCU ? They signed Ruffalo to the largest/most long-term deal among all the leads, didn't they ? (six-picture deal...and I guess that's two down so far, with Avengers and his bit in Iron Man 3)

I just got through the `90s Hulk animated series a few months back, so I'm kinda burnt out on the concept, but would definitely watch if Ruffalo was the lead. Was doing a rewatch/see-what-I-originally-missed of the `90s Marvel cartoons that were connected--so X-Men, Iron Man, Spider-Man [Spider-Man is tons better than I remembered it and has the best arcs, dialogue, and character moments overall, now overtaking X-Men as my favorite of that loosely interconnected cartoon franchise] and The Incredible Hulk. I didn't re-watch the `90s Fantastic Four because I saw it ten years ago--it was the only one given a complete series set at the time--and it mostly blows. As does 95% of Iron Man's cartoon, sadly.

It's interesting to see just how much the cartoons were blueprints/strong inspirations for the earlier, non-Marvel-produced films (especially where Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy is concerned). The interconnectedness wasn't nearly as well-executed (nor was it really all that often intended, beyond a few fun crossovers, references, and reused voice actors) as DC/Warner Brothers was able to achieve with Batman: The Animated Series/Superman: TAS/Batman Beyond/Justice League/etc, but it was still appreciated.
I am loving all this extra Hawkeye talk we've been getting and "big part to play". DON'T KILL HIM JOSS. He still needs to have an emotional reunion with Phil.

There is never too much Ruffalo.

*sits patiently in a corner and waits for 2015*
@Kris - Guillermo del Toro was developing a Hulk TV series but it has been put on hold probably because the Ruffalo version went down so well with fans and I can't imagine him doing a TV series. Hoping we get another Hulk film soon or he could team up with another character.

Really happy that Age of Ultron seems to be focused on Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow.
BarryC, what you said reminds me of the battle between Bong Joon Ho, who directed "Snowpiercer" (starring Chris Evans, btw) and Harvey Weinstein, who bought the rights. They clashed over Weinstein's insistence that the movie be recut the movie to supposedly play better to Midwest audiences, the implication being exactly that Preoria is not bright enough to get a complex movie like "Snowpiercer." I believe creativity won and the director's cut will be released, not Weinstein's version. Feige and Joss don't have quite the challenge but I'm glad they can't be bothered with demographics. People aren't dumb. You make good movies and the audiences will come (maybe). Hopefully. But you can't pander or remake your movie so it appeals to everyone. Then, weirdly enough, it appeals to very few.

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