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April 01 2014

Angel gets listed on WatchMojo's top 10 4th wall breaks in TV. Find out where our favourite vampire with a soul appears on the countdown.

Any guesses which episode? It's a fan favourite.


I was thinking it had to be Lorne. Good times:)
Pffff. The end of Normal Again was better than that, although I appreciate that it doesn't make as good of a sound bite.

But the real winner should have been '10 Dollar Solo' in the musical Commentary! on the Doctor Horrible DVD.

Joss, that song wasn't even about the movie, it was about itself. That's like breaking the ninth wall...

"It was like we were being watched... like there was a wall missing from our apartment! Like there were only three walls and not a fourth wall and MY TOES ARE NOT HAIRY!"

That's pretty literal sort of fourth-wall-breaking right there...
I love "Spin the Bottle."
It could have been from Something to Sing About from OMWF too. But yeah, extra kudos for referencing the commercials. Let's all think about buying some of those things.
Hard to identify with no sound, but as I recall I didn't see that scene in those terms.

I can imagine something like willow making a remark about spin-offs, Angel saying there's no reason he should find that remark funny, then they both look at the camera (which, I admit, I stole from Top Secret.)
Maybe not quite a 4th-wall reference but I love when Angel's in the comic book store harassing the worker and he chides him for knocking over the Dark Horses.

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