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April 02 2014

Thirty Whedonverse WTF moments. There's some good choices in this Total Film list.

I just skimmed...but one Dollhouse moment? ...Really?
I just started tearing up just looking at the shot from #1.
I agree with phisho, Boyd's betrayal in dollhouse was a bigger wtf moment to me compared to some of the ones Total Film listed.
D-e-f- Me too. I read the line "Mom. Mom. Mommy" and got upset. That really was a WTF moment because the whole episode has a light air to it, with Joyce being on the mend physically and emotionally. And then boom... If my memory serves me, that was the longest week ever waiting for that next episode.
I would definitely have included Boyd's reveal and Dawn's sudden, retroactive existence. Still, a bunch of excellent reminders of the turns that I've come to love Joss's brand of media for.

Trivial aside: My original Whedonverse WTF has to be Objects in Space, when River says she's become Serenity. Firefly was my first Whedon show, and Star Trek TNG had been my only real sci-fi series experience up to that point, so I was primed to believe that she was really showing supernatural powers.
Plus, any episode that puts Jayne front and centre is grand with us. He's the unsung hero of Firefly.

Actually Jayne is the only hero of Firefly who isn't unsung.

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