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April 02 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #1. A fresh beginning for our heroes! The new team is made of writer Victor Gischler and artist Will Conrad.

I'm glad you reminded me, I completely forgot.
I liked it! Excited to see where we go next. Conrad's art has occasionally been a bit stiff for my liking in the past, but thought it looked good here. Likewise, Gischler's dialogue has been off sometimes...but worked for me in this issue.

Does anywhere know where magic town is supposed to be? Is it Hackney?
I really enjoyed the issue and thought the art was great (although Spike appears to be out in the sun greeting Giles). I liked how the repeated scene worked from Faith's pov and thought VG got the two stories started off really nicely. His grasp on Angel's character/voice was really on the ball and the really good likeness to DB was great. I liked the humour in the pixie fight and it made what they then did and Angel discovering the body have more impact. I have great expectations for Faith getting some really well thought through individual progression as well.

The further preview pages for Into The Light were as poorly written as the previous ones unfortunately. The characterisation/voicing is ropey, the writing clunky and I just don't see it fitting into S7 anywhere really. Spike's whereabouts are set all season what with the madness, living with Xander, the trigger, his abduction, removing the chip, Buffy asking him to stay, training the potentials, facing Caleb, going on the mission with Andrew etc. It feels like a gimmick to use an actor's AU to get another purchase regardless that the product is of such a poor standard.

Oh well, at least the two main titles that bear Joss' name seem to be professionally produced and have started off with good characterisation and solid writing.

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I agree on the Into the Light pages. Very clunky. I'm not sure I'm down with the idea that the actors will deliver good comic scripts solo. I think the co-writing idea is a better one.

It's a shame, as the concept of a newly-ensouled Spike trying to win a small victory of getting boots without robbing or killing is a strong one.
It is somewhat erroneous to not see him as having gotten his soul in part for himself too though, to be the kind of man who would never... etc. But for a small victory story for his souled self it probably would be better suited to the AtS 5 time period, when he was specifically trying to find a path for himself away from Buffy, actually going it alone at points. Just because he is currently in Buffy's book it seems daft to try to shoehorn (ahaha!) it into BtVS S7.

I'm dubious about the actors getting involved generally too but I'm happy to judge based on what is produced. That just hasn't worked out well for JM going on all the previews! Co-writing should stand a greater chance of success so maybe NB won't bomb out, at least not as badly as it appears JM is.

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And here is my review: I loved it!


I felt it was a really good season opener. It had all the ingredients I was looking for; a first look at the new status quo in MagicTown, an idea where the main characters are at in this new re-magicked world, lots of darkness, but also a good mix of humour which typifies the best Angel episodes. It also set up some intriguing mysteries which will be revealed over the coming issues, such as what is the glowing liquid (?) which Andy brought to the pixies, which can also be seen on page where Angel is looking for the pixies. Also what is Nadira's place in this new set up. She is obviously helping the helpless herself, and she seems to know more about the new status quo than Angel does.

I felt there was a very nice return to the style of "Angel" season 1. He is back to helping strangers in alleyways - although this time not a blonde girl for a change, but a red-head man. The opening pages felt so right to me.I could easily see them in an episode. It was a nice twist to see these malevolent pixies. Usually when one thinks of pixies, one thinks of Tinkerbell like creatures. Not Corky and his chums - they are nasty little bastards. Lots of fun humour in how Angel dealt with them, but as we see later on with poor Andy - they are no laughing matter. I enjoyed Corky calling Angel a yank and Angel's whiny "But...I'm Irish". Made me laugh

And how great was it seeing Angel back in the tunnels again? In Season 9 there was an awful lot of jumping about on rooftops, which always struck me as rather silly. London is a much older city than LA, so would have a much more comprehensive sewer system. Good call back to the show, and early "Angel".

With the reveal of Andy's mutilated body we get the "horror noir" we have been promises, and it certainly was shocking when I turned over the page.

Faith's story was good, and it was interesting seeing the big reunion from another POV. However I hope that in future it won't be repeated too much (i.e. seeing scenes from Buffy again in A&F). It would get old fast.

Really good seeing Nadira at the end. I knew she would be back (see cover for #3), but I didn't expect it to be so soon. I look forward to finding out more about her place in MagicTown and how her and Angel are going to work together...or if they are at all.


What can I say about the art? Absolutely fantastic. As wonderful an artist as Rebekah is, I felt her style was a bit too "cartoony" for the darker Angelverse. She is now where she belongs on Buffy. Conrad is a fantastic fit for this world. His rendition of the main characters (especially Angel) is perfect. He captures Boreanaz' facial expressions to a tee. Just check out the panel where Angel says "But I'm Irish" and I can see Boreanaz perfectly in my mind. The colouring here deserves special mention too. It's a dark book and the colourist captures that perfectly.


Angel's coat. Far too long. It is more like Spike's leather jacket than the one Angel usually wears. It's not the end of the world, but I hope this changes in subsequent issues.

The structure could start to become a problem. I hope they don't keep the 2 characters separate for too long. While them sharing a title and being in different countries could be ok fro the 1st arc, if it goes on any longer (or even for the whole series) then the question has to be asked why not have a solo Angel and a solo Faith title? It's early days yet, but if it goes on for too long then it's possible the title would suffer. Something has to bring Faith back to London. And I hope it's sooner rather than later. For now the Giles resurrection storyline is out of the way, it would be fantastic to see a proper Angel and Faith team-up book where they fight the good fight together.
I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 1,"Where The River Meets The Sea Part I"

Last season,I thought Angel & Faith was by far the superior title over Buffy.Going into this season,I had some reservations though.

1)I thought Angel & Faith had the perfect parting of the ways and and to the storyline thus I was expecting a new second monthly in season 10 and not Angel & Faith again.I didn't see a reason for Angel & Faith to continue.

2)The creative team from last season would be moving to Buffy and they were a big reason I thought this book was so stellar last season.Granted that was a trade off I was willing to make since I was hoping Gage and Isaacs would move to Buffy.

3)The setup for Angel & Faith last season was so juicy with dealing with the aftermath of Twilight and the mission to resurrect Giles.The setup for Angel & Faith this season didn't have as much ommph to me.Angel as sheriff of Magic Town with Faith elsewhere and no clear idea of what her story would be.

So going into this issue I had misgivings.I liked Victor Gischler's work on Spike:A Dark Place last season and was famillar with Will Conrad's art but the excitement level for me wasn't there gojng in vs. last season going in.

Based off this first issue though I think this is off to a good start.VG seems to have a handle on the voices and WC art was good and gve a noir feel which works for me.I think the setup with Magic Town is interesting although I need to see more to really determine where this is going.I thought the pixes were creepy and liked how they kept calling Angel a Yank when as he points out that he is Irish.The last page reveal with Nadira wasn't a real surprise since info on upcoming issues gave away her appearance and that she has a role to play.Whether it's as a ally or enemie isn't clear yet but I'm interested to see where that goes and how her new form has changed her.

The Faith part of this issue, doesn't really give strong direction where her story is going yet.I did like how this issue intersected with Buffy # 1 and showed the Giles reunjion with Buffy and the Scoobies from Faith's pont of view.I do like this sort of crossover and hope we get more occasionally throughout the season but I'm a little iffy on keeping Angel and Faith's story this separated in this title.It will be fine for a while but I have to think eventually we'll see their stories work there way back to each other otherwise why have a Angel & Faith monthly and not just a Angel book and a Faith book(or miniseries).

But I did like this issue and thought it was a good start to the season.
Alex, I can't tell if you're joking or not. The idea of spike getting boots is never something I'd spend money on, unless joss wrote it. I don't get the entertainment value in that at all.

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Here are a bunch of very positive reviews:

Nice to see both series off to such a good start.
I had no idea this was even going to happen. Will stop at the shop on my way home.
My review can be read HERE.

In general, I liked the issue. Like many, I did appreciate the homage to old times with the alley skulking and the sewer runs. And like many of you, I'm also wondering how permanent this estrangement between the two titular characters will be. What I wasn't a huge fan of was the coloring. Michelle Madsen's colors just seem really flat here... and some of those bright oranges and yellows she used just hurt my eyes.
Mark214, I may well just be judging the story possibilities based on the version in my head, but when I heard James Marsters outline the premise, I genuinely believed it had a lot of promise... Depending, of course, on execution.

It may just be me, but I think Spike as a character lends himself to the prosaic ( I think it is something to do with his irreverent attitude to the more melodramatic characters and events of the 'verse) and seeing him on an epic quest...for new boots (and you just *know* it's gonna be more complicated than that!) had the potential to be a fun yarn that revealed something about the character through the WAY he goes about acquiring them. Interviews with Marsters have hinted at this...his rules are to be 'no stealing' and 'without taking a job', which already tells us something...and I suspect this particular objective will take on symbolic importance for Spike about what type of man he can be now he has his soul.

But I certainly take your point that perhaps it's the type of story best told by a master craftsman like Joss.
Great start! Loved how we saw Faith's pov from Buffy season 10 #1.
Hey Alex, yeah I wasn't even trying to be flippant, it's just on face value the comment could certainly seem sarcastic! Personally, I just can't see selling the idea of "Spike buying shoes' to carry a whole comic one shot. It's a very nuanced, iffy premise and only if Joss is writing it would I be interested. If it was a B story in an episode a show, sure it could be great...but I just can't see paying money for that conept!
Well if you were wondering if it could/would work the consistently poor quality of the preview pages probably would have answered it by now and put you off buying it! That's before you can get into wondering why/where they are shoving it that it just doesn't fit. I don't know if I am more bothered by the bad characterisation and illogical disruption to an excellent S7 character arc (thank goodness Joss' name isn't on it), or that they have actually considered, let alone produced and presented, this low quality product to fans in the first place. VG's #1 was so excellent, but these preview pages didn't need the contrast to look badly written.

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Liked the relationship between the two stories going on in here. Both Angel and Faith are trying to 'get back on track', and both struggle to do so in their own ways.

I especially loved seeing Faith's reaction to the Buffy/Giles reunion. Wonderful 'crossover' there. Earlier in the issue, Faith isn't really all that interested in joining Deepscan, but after seeing Buffy and Giles all over each other, Faith jumps right in. Poor girl.

Love that Nadira's back. Kept thinking it was going to be Pearl. Good twist!
Interesting start, I'll say. OF course, keep in mind, without Nadira's warning the kid might still be alive.

These pixibats oddly remind me of some of the critters in my "Ice Age Buffy" ficverse. Except the pests in my story ate orchard fruit
Wasn't sure what to expect but the new art was great. I enjoyed seeing Faith`s POV of buffy #1. I did think "she" was a let down. Was Nadira the cheetah?

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