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April 03 2014

'Agents of SHIELD' first-look art teases Clairvoyant reveal. This is quite nifty. Kudos. Spoilerish if you haven't seen this week's episode.

I didn't read the article to avoid spoilers but the artwork is really cool!
Anyone else reminded of something Saunders said to Topher?

Nifty concept. If I were the type of fan who collected artwork, I'd totally want this.
Very very cool indeed! These would make cool tshirts.

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So for the people who have seen The Winter Soldier, are we all in complete agreement that The Clairvoyant is ?
eddy, yes indeed. Although I didn't know the 2nd part of your thing there was what was going to happen. Is that confirmed or just speculation?
Thats my speculation at the end there. I think that would be the most logical evolution for that character to be created.
Interesting. I'm not sure I like it as a change from the comics so I'll have to think on it more. It is definitely the logical direction.

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