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April 04 2014

(SPOILER) A roundup of Captain America and Agents S.H.I.E.L.D. links. First, what's next for Agents of SHIELD After Captain America: The Winter Soldier? The cast and crew of discuss their reaction to the movie and their plans for the show. Second, Badass Digest has a theory on the identity of the Clairvoyant.

My apologies for a really, really bland headline. I didn't like the one TV line used and could not think of another one that was the least spoilery and also told you what the article was actually about.

And that spoiler warning is NOT a joke. Serious, massive spoilers for the movie are in that article.
I saw it last night, and I was thinking about this as well. It really will have a huge impact on the show, and I'm not sure how they will handle it. By the way, the movie is fantastic.
My big question: Agents of Exactly What Now?
Just 'Agents of'.
Agents of the Agents Formerly Known as SHIELD. Agents of AFKAS.
You need a really bloody huge spoiler alert on that one
Coulson's Crazy Commandos. Or maybe they'll just open up their own little private detective agency. :)
I'm all for Agents of . Maybe they can do a facebook contest.
I feel like we're going to get more links on this topic and the front page has seen a lot of them already in recent days, so I'm consolidating some stuff here. Plus the discussion's no fun all splintered out.
I think they started planting the seeds for coordinating the show with the movie(s) in the last few episodes. The movie has definitely raised the bar for the show. I just hope the writers can reach that bar.

I guess we know why it's AoS: Uprising.

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Great theory as to who the Clairvoyant is, too. It makes absolute sense!
I just saw it tonight, and can I just say:



This may be the single most brilliant thing Marvel has ever done.

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Well it's nice Skye got her badge on the very last day that was possible.

I don't think anyone had money on Dobby being the Clairvoyant before the film. We all lose.
lynnenne: I saw that and laughed but I think I was the only one in the theater that caught it (it was an unexpectedly light crowd, though). A very nice touch.
Lots of people noticed the graveyard marker.

Lots of people also cheered when they saw Danny Pudi onscree. Cool. Coolcoolcool.

I really loved the movie, but how can they still have a series after this year? Nick is in Europe, Agent Hill is working for Stark now, Agent Carter is in the CIA, and Agent Sitwell is... indisposed.

I guess SHIELD will still more or less be around for the rest of the season. When they promised us a wild ride,I had no idea it would be like this.
chrisobrien, I gotta wonder about the timeline of all those post-climax scenes (everyone getting hired at different agencies/moving on). On the TV show, we're dealing with the immediate (be interesting to see if we get a leap forward in time at any point in this last run of eps, or a special "coda" ep that Joss shows sometimes do). Captain America 2 wraps up weeks or months after the takedown of Pierce and the three helicarriers (did the bulk of the film take place over two or three days ? I wasn't counting day/night cycles).

They still have a little leeway in using S.H.I.E.L.D for the next few eps, if the final run of eps are practically happening in realtime (that'd be a fun shift). I'm thinking the next couple eps won't be picking up after the HYDRA/SHIELD reveal, but moreso taking place alongside the film's timeline. Would be sweet if they show helicarriers being attacked and downed on screens in the background a bit.

Will suck to find out that any of the main characters were HYDRA-loyal this entire time. Among secondary characters, we had Sitwell, so there's one. Dunno if Hand is with HYDRA or The Clairvoyant--unless they're one and the same? Or she's good after all.

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