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April 04 2014

Chiwetel Ejiofor eyed to play villain in next James Bond movie. According to The Wrap, "multiple individuals familiar with the project" have told them that Ejiofor - our very own Operative - is a candidate for the villainous role in Bond 24.

This is great news and I hope it works out.
Ooh Blofeld?
It's funny - the first thought that went through my mind after reading the headline was "Didn't he do one of those already?"
This would be great news for me. There haven't been a black villain in the Bond films in such a long time, and with Mendes gunning for him and writing the script( THANK GOD, I THOUGHT PERVIS AND WADE WERE DREADFUL WRITERS)this will be a very good Bond movie.
My goodness, I hope Mr. Ejiofor gets the part.
The Guardian has published this article, saying he will be a great Bond villain, because of his performance in Serenity.

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