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April 05 2014

Nikki Reed talks about the new Joss movie 'In Your Eyes'. She told Teen Vogue that she had a wonderful experience and that "[Joss] had a specific vision in mind when he was writing this character, so it's an honor that he could picture me in that."

Funny when people mention Joss' singular visions...thats how he does the stuff!
What is "In your eyes" about? But I will be looking for more info on this project.
Rebecca (Zoe Kazan), who lives in Connecticut, shares a powerful connection with Dylan (Michael Stahl-David), a boyish-looking man who served jail time for a robbery when he refused to name his accomplices. He now lives in a trailer in New Mexico. Despite never having met, they can hear and see each other even while being at opposite ends of the country.
I love the leads, so I am really looking forward to this film. Hope it turns out great!

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