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April 06 2014

(SPOILER) Film reveal retools TV's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'. The article talks about the changes in the final six episodes for Agents of SHIELD as a result of the reveals in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

And I, for one, look forward to Angels of Firefly season 2 in the Fall.
Starring Wash and Book.
I love how they spend the first half of the season upping up SHIELD. Showing it wasnt all that bad to the hackers, trust the sistem, wow look at the hub, wow look at the academy, the tradition of the pranks, the good old days, its Skyes new big family... And then BOOM!.

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What role should Charisma Carpenter play in AoS?
Being the admitted Marvel fanboy that I am, I'm one of the people that would have stuck with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. no matter what, but I get why a lot of people lost faith before now. It has felt like a lot of what we have seen up to this point has been somewhat a case of treading water. Between my belief in the MCU and my belief in all things Whedon I knew there must be a reason for that, and clearly now there was, but I just hope that the need to await the events of the movie hasn't left things too late for a large part of the audience to want to return.

The way this has played out has been a real gamble. Basically the first two thirds of the first season were in a holding pattern because of not wanting to ruin the reveal of Captain America 2. You can only tell the viewers to 'wait and see' for so long before they tire of even caring about what they might be waiting for.

I've enjoyed the more gradual build up of the characters over the course of the season, and I like that we've had a chance to see them gel as a team and a family before the shit really hits the fan. My only worry is that the people who might have walked away already will want to come back and see what happens now that the show has really started. Because now is where we really start to see what Coulson and his team are capable of on their own, and that's exactly what a Whedon show is all about, whether it be set in the Marvel Universe or not.
Can't help but notice that Ward is absent from the group shot, with Triplett seemingly in his place. Is Ward a HYDRA mole? Will Triplett be the new guy?
Pure speculation but I'm kinda hoping that Ward is with HYDRA, because that will add that extra dimension the character has been needing. No saying that he can't disobey his HYDRA masters and defect back to Coulson's team by season's end, right?
Five Horizons That's similar to what I was thinking. I hope that Ward was initially with HYDRA but over time grew to care for the people on the bus and was no longer loyal to HYDRA. Even if Coulson allows him to stay with the group, there would be plenty of trust issues.
It would even make sense of why Ward was so against the idea of joining Coulson's team originally. Could be that it was never part of the plan and that it actually got in the way of why he was ordered to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. in the first place. Once there they may have decided to use the situation to find out more about Coulson.

I wonder if May got close to Ward because she suspects something is off about him? Guess we'll find out soon enough.
Gee I hope Ward is with Hydra too. That would be cool.

This is all good but I do wonder if this turn of events is too late as well. I know friends and family who enjoy the Whedonverse but they are long gone.

Maybe they'll see Cap 2 and come back. Maybe also SHIELD could do old fashioned reruns in the summer to get people up to speed before next fall.

I have no doubts it will be renewed. The recent drop in ratings is simply due to the weather breaking in the US. It's now daylight and warm at 8pm on Tuesdays.
I've got no doubt about renewal either, hann23. AoS is still doing more than well enough to guarantee renewal. In many ways, perception wise at least, it has been the victim of its own massively successful premiere. Had it started out with slightly more realistic numbers for week one then the current ratings wouldn't look anywhere near as bad as they do, but in comparison the drop now looks really bad, regardless of the fact that ABC would be thrilled with these numbers for any other new series. The network isn't exactly bursting with new hit shows.

Add that to the fact that AoS is part of the plan for the MCU and you have a situation where it would take much worse ratings for the Marvel/Disney/ABC combo to decide to cut there losses. Sure, it will help if the new status quo does boost the ratings a little (I'm sure a regular 2.5 would be very gratefully received by all involved) but as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn't created solely with the intention of being a huge ratings grabber, it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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Basically the first two thirds of the first season were in a holding pattern because of not wanting to ruin the reveal of Captain America 2. You can only tell the viewers to 'wait and see' for so long before they tire of even caring about what they might be waiting for.
And it's a treading of water they can only pull once, but the question becomes, with two Marvel movies a year are they going to need to tread water on a regular basis?
Well,I just came from seeing Cap 2 and now more then ever I'm convinced{spoilerish speculation for the rest of this season of AOS)
Ward being with HYDRA wouldn't make any sense at all. Any of Coulson's team being HYDRA wouldn't make sense. That would be a cheap twist.
I agree with jb-the-hunter. I also doubt the shows main villain will be a major role in any movie. The show and movie will intercourse, but they are also built around the concept of you being able to watch each without the other and still getting a complete experience. A villain being part of both its too limiting and betrays this a bit, IMHO. You can share something general like Hydra or AIM but i think something as specific and personalized like the Clarevoyant should stay focused on the series. Makes people feel less that they are missing something if they dont watch the movie. My two cents though. You never know. I may be wrong. Yes, i know, dificult to imagine, but... It has to happen some day.
It has just occurred to me that maybe - not for Marvel, but for the Whedon creative team - this is an opportunity to revisit some of the themes that were part of the core of "Firefly."
@The One True b!X Hopefully the show only had to tread water because Cap 2 was so closely tied to Shield.

Whedon shows have constantly worked with the idea of betrayals and shifting alliances. Each and everyone of his shows has had a betrayal storyline.

I could see Ward being in Hydra, as others have said it would give him another layer to play in his performance and he did shoot the old man. However, I feel May has been very loyal to Hand with her comm to SHIELD headquarters. She may be feigning ignorance.

Also, at the end of Cap 2 am I wrong that SHIELD is dissolved (all their secrets are out)? If SHIELD no longer exists what is Coulson's group doing?
I'm guessing that there won't be any further need for AoS to hold back now, b!X. I don't think that every major development in the movies is going to revolve around S.H.I.E.L.D. and its various agents. In fact I'd imagine that this will give the opportunity to pull away from S.H.I.E.L.D. a little on the big screen and allow the show to tell as much of the story as it wants to.

No doubt AoS will continue to tie into everything that happens to the various Avengers but now it can get on with its own story in the meantime and just crossover with the movies when needed.

As for Ward being a HYDRA agent, I get how that might seem a little bit like a cheap twist to some, but I can't see why it wouldn't make sense. You have to imagine that all the HYDRA double-agents are embedded pretty deep (especially given the reveal we saw in Cap 2) so there's no reason at all to think that any member of Coulson's team might not also be with HYDRA. And for my money, Ward would be the most likely candidate.
I think Ward being a HYDRA agent is too obvious. If anyone is going to be one, it's probably Fitz or Simmons. Fitz is a moody guy and had no problem with Skye going by herself to be shot by Quinn. Simmons, on the other hand, exhibits no suspicious behavior whatsoever, so she's probably the mole. That would suck, too, because she's my favorite character.

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The only problem I'd have with either Fitz or Simmons being HYDRA is that they knew each other from even before their S.H.I.E.L.D. days, and by all accounts they've been inseparable ever since. The chances of either one being able to fool the other to that degree, let alone have the time or opportunity to actually be a double agent, are very slim. So either they both are or neither of them are, as far as I can see.
My wife had not watched a single episode of SHIELD since its premiere. On Saturday we went to see Cap 2 and LOVED it. Now, because of Cap 2, she is at home Marathoning the whole season.

I expect Tuesday's ratings to be some of the highest all season.
I expect Tuesday's ratings to be some of the highest all season.

I doubt it, to be honest. I'm not sure TV works like that. But I am welcome to surprises.
Highest all season, even if you ignore the premiere ratings, is very doubtful, but I'm hoping to see a bit of a boost at least.

If the show can level off at around 2.5 by season's end, I'll be happy.
How is Coulson's team is going to be able to function without the support of the SHEILD agency? ... My guess is that Tony Stark will become their "secret" benefactor.

@gossi - As a recent (now former) Nielsen family member; it actually does work like that. Cap 2 will probably give them a bump in the live viewership and the +24 (watched within 24 hrs). I'm not saying it will be even close to the premiere, but I'd be surprised if its not among the top 3 rated since the premiere.

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The movie did have a nice ad for the show during the previews, and it did have a huge audience over the weekend here. Hopefully that will help with ratings. I don't think there's a lot of precedent for this sort of thing, so who knows.
Wasn't sure if this really needed its own front page post, but thought it was worth mentioning at least. The cast talking Winter Soldier and how it's going to change the show going forward. YouTube link here.
Its too late in the year to get much of a bump in the ratings. I honestly expect a 2.0 from here out. If it gets to a 2.2 I would be pleasantly shocked. But a 2.5 seems unreasonable given that most of us are getting nicer weather and its still light out till almost show time atm.
I like that Tony Stark is the "secret" benefactor to pretty much everyone. He tells Banner to spend time in his R&D floors and Stark Tower becomes Avengers Tower. Now that SHIELD is pretty much gone, everyone goes off into their own storylines, which really makes for more compelling movies anyway. I'm really, really excited for Captain America 3.
I don't consider what we've seen so far to be treading water. It was laying the foundation.

It's like the first Captain America movie. They could have run through the WW2 stuff in twenty minutes and then made the rest of the movie a modern day Cap story. Instead, they spent a whole movie showing us the life that came naturally for Cap, the life that he'd soon lose. It was a decent story, even though doing a WW2 super hero story struck some people as a little odd.

This is the same thing. They established what SHIELD is normally like. They did it for so long that it looked like a nice, safe foundation that would be there forever. While they were doing that, they laid a bunch of clues like Centipede, the Clairvoyant, and Deathlok that are now pretty scary before we've even seen Coulson and Crew's reaction to SHIELD's fall.

I enjoyed the first two thirds of the season and I think in a few years people will look back and see it as a decent beginning to the story, not just treading water.
It's so bad that when I thought about whether Ward could be HYDRA, I tried to rationalize it by thinking "well, maybe he's not that into HYDRA? Maybe some of them aren't so bad all around? They're not nazis anymore..." Yeah, that ship has sailed. Ward better not be HYDRA. I don't think I could muster sympathy for that.

ETA: I don't think I was clear with my points...the idea of Ward being HYDRA is very cool, story wise. But I don't think I could muster sympathy for anyone in HYDRA...except for Bucky, who didn't know. Bucky gets an infinite "get out of jail free" card.

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Several people told me over the weekend that they intend to catch up on AoS now after seeing Captain America. Might not be an immediate bump this week but I'm imagining a rising tide on the ratings.
Can't wait to see what changes the movie brings to the show. The thing that comes to mind is the introduction of Agent 13 (Sharon Carter). She was part of SHIELD Secret Avengers continuity. I am thinking the show goes in that direction with a new version of SHIELD that is more black ops with no oversight by the government.

On a side it my imagination or in the movie when Cap and BW go to the mall..... there was this father holding a little boys hand and he was wearing a Captain America t-shirt riding the escalator in the background. It looked alot like Joss Whedon to me.
Okay, when Sif was aked about alien races (I seem to recall it was specifically about blue-skinned aliens, not sure) she mentioned the Kree among others, and said none had ever come to earth. Does it mean a-the Inhumans no longer exist b-the Inhumans weren't the result of Kree genetic tampering c-Sif was lying d-the Asgardians just don't know about it ? (If the question was about all aliens, I don't recall her mentioning the Celestials, either.)

Tausif :the rate they're going, the only role Charisma'd be allowed to play is Gaea, or maybe Umar. Youth must be served, I guess.
I'm going to be very surprised if the alien Coulson saw isn't of the Kree. Mainly because I think that this was the first sign of the arrival of Captain Marvel in the MCU. Whatever is going on with the Kree subject, and whoever is doing the experimenting, is likely going to end up being responsible for changing the life of a certain Carol Danvers as well.

As for the Celestials, with the X-Men side of the Marvel Universe not being a part of this particular version of the story, I think that it's safe to say that the X-gene isn't going to be getting a mention either, and so there may well be no reference to the Celestials within the MCU at all. Superhuman ability is probably going to be explained away purely by 'science', rather than the more specific mutate explanation given in the comics.
From recently re-watching the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, and looking carefully at the blue-skinned alien prison guard Starlord confronts over his Walkman, the prosthetics/CGI design seemed to strongly resemble the alien in T.A.H.I.T.I. Whether the guard's a blue Kree or not? Dunno.

Also, I too hope that The Winter Soldier having boffo box office numbers means that more people will choose to tune in to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. after finding ways to watch the first 16 episodes to get caught up. ABC and Marvel are not going to cancel it due to its use as an advertising tool for the MCU films but I think things will really get riveting now that SHIELD is caput and the Bus Gang is on their own.
b!x-They should find ways to NOT tread water. There are all kinds of stories to tell. They should stick to the most interesting ones. This opportunity is something Whedonistas want more than anything. Huge Network, good timeslot, lots of audience. Make it work, team! The feeling I get is a lot of corporate spoons stirring the pot.

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