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April 06 2014

Diego Gutierrez returns to the supernatural in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. Joss Whedon's former assistant and the writer of Buffy's "Normal Again", has written the second episode ("Blood Runs Thick") of Robert Rodriguez's new Horror series.

Good for him! It's a fun series.
I love the movie and so I thought that I'd love the show too. So far, not so much! I think it's partly because the actors, despite being really good in their own right, are poor substitutes for the likes of Clooney and Tarantino who made the original movie so memorable. I'm going to give it at least the first season to grow on me though.
I hated the movie so will be avoiding this. (Of course, I avoid TV dramas anyway because of my hearing problem.)
For anyone who may be reading this, there is a reference to Buffy in the 2nd season.

Also the show is really good.

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