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April 07 2014

Change to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. US schedule for April 15. This week's episode "Turn, Turn, Turn" will repeat at 8 PM next week followed by a new episode, "Providence," at 9 PM. Adjust your DVR accordingly.

Hooray for networks finding new ways to talk about episode airings! It's almost like we're getting a Marvel movie next Tuesday.
I'm so irritated.
I think it's great. We're not a fandom unless we endlessly debating timeslots.
I guess if they were going to air both episodes in one night, they couldn't put the rerun at 7 pm because I don't think anyone would watch. I guess putting a new episode at 9 works better for overall chance of viewership.
I didn't look at the other thread for fear of spoilers... does anyone know if "Turn Turn Turn" will contain overt spoilers for the Captain America movie?
Well, it completely screws up my family because we all watch it together, and the kids' bedtime is 8:30 (so letting them stay up late on Tuesdays to see the end of the episode at 9 is fine, but letting them stay up til 10 on a schoolnight not so much).

I can't believe they've found a new way to screw up the schedule after finally getting on board with the idea that there should be a new ep every week rather than every month.
It probably will, considering it was billed as the episode right after The Winter Soldier. Everything that happens in that movie has direct and immediate ramifications for the show.
It works for me .... in my time zone, the show airs at 7:00, which is so early I rarely get to watch it on air (I usually have to watch online later). So having a new episode at 8:00 makes me happy.
I'd read this as "Turn, Turn, Turn" is going to be a big episode and they want to re-run it to get additional exposure. Given that, I'd assume a heavy Winter Soldier connection and possible spoilers. And BTW, the movie is awesome.
This gives everyone (who doesn't use DVR or Hulu) who hasn't seen Winter Soldier by Tuesday another week to catch it before seeing seeing the results in AoS (without falling behind). Good on them.
Do we know whether the schedule change is going to continue to subsequent weeks or whether this is a once-off thing?
I think this is a one-off thing, or at least it will only occur as the storyline is that directly impacted by The Winter Soldier, which I agree is an awesome film.
Since Arctic Air ends tomorrow, not only does it not conflict, I can watch Glee live next week. No quibbles here.
This works for me, since I'm scheduled to close tomorrow night, but have next Tuesday off.

Unfortunately TV only lists "Providence" next week in the usual 7 PM CST slot.
Dammit, I thought the schedule change was this week ... just realized my mistake. But I've now missed the first half of tonight's episode.

Grr Argh.

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