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April 07 2014

(SPOILER) Major character returns for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season finale. Comic Book Resources has news of a pretty major returning guest star in the final episode.

I had a feeling he would be popping up one more time this season.
After seeing Winter Soldier, I'd be surprised if he didn't pop in!
I'm really glad I saw the Winter Soldier yesterday. There's just no way to avoid spoilers for the movie. A comics news site I read put the cameo in the headline.

ohhhhhhh.... You mean
I'm glad I saw it Friday morning (and then Sunday morning). Even though I had some inkling this was bound to happen sooner or later, I would have been so pissed had I been spoiled - and the only way to avoid spoilers is to avoid all forms of mass media, plus all people. I would also have to deck anyone in the theater who spills the beans before or during the movie. Then I wouldn't be able to see the movie, because I would be hauled off on assault charges, but not before I rip a few lit phones out of people's hands!!!!

Oh, yeah... Dad of my daughter-in-law's college roommate. Last episode. Yay!
Happy about this but I kinda saw it coming.
Yeah, I don't consider this much of a surprise either, but technically it's a spoiler nevertheless. Even if it is one that every website on the internet seems to be okay with talking about... ;)
I think I'd have been more surprised if he hadnt shown up, given all the important plot develoments since Winter Soldier. So I'm a bit relieved to hear about this to be honest, as I'd worried that they might not be able to get him. And I think he would be really needed for at the very least a cameo if they're going to be changing as much about the direction of the show as I suspect they might well be doing. But we'll see. I'm certainly glad that he doesn't see the show as being beneath him or anything.

So yeah, I don't mind hearing about this at all. It's less of a worry now, and certainly makes it all feel more connected, (like the ads say LOL!)

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