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April 07 2014

Nathan Fillion hints at a Guardians of the Galaxy role. At St. Louis Comic-Con, the actor drops a hint that he is in the film.

The tease is at the 38:40 mark in the video.

I was in the crowd when this happened. Gasps all around (mine included) to be sure.
Okay, Guardians of the Galaxy just became my most anticipated movie of the entire year.
So many possibilities!

Adam Warlock? Quasar? Beta Ray Bill? Mar-Vell? It's rumoured that Yondu is is the movie so maybe another of the original Guardians? Whoever it turns out to be, I'm hoping it'll lead to a larger role in a later movie.
Given the way he said we'd need to check the credits, I wouldn't expect him to be recognizable in any way. That also makes me think the role won't be significant, since his personality is going to shine through on anything more than two lines.

I'm guessing it's a quick role that he did for fun.
Hmmm...wouldn't be rather interesting if Nathan's role is Jason of Spartax, Peter Quill/Starlord's father? Who, according to the summary of Starlord's life I found at Wikipedia, was the previous holder of the Star-Lord mantel?
What if he's Thanos?!
It IS a James Gunn film.
BlueEyedBrigadier, that would be interesting. I wonder if he plays one of the Nova Corps, hence the reason why you need to look in the credits. It'd be a small role, maybe a cameo.
Whatever it is,I just hope it doesn't rule Nathan out for larger roles in the future in the Marvel Universe. I hope it's something that could expand in the future.
Hell Yeah!!!
I hope we're looking in the credits because it's a mid-credit scene teasing a larger role in a later flick.
How cool would it be if we just saw a two-second glimpse of the Firefly crew drinking in a bar?
Couldn't he just as easily get a voice over role or cameo? That seems more plausible than a recognizable face appearance and I assume if he did something prosthetic heavy like Denisof in Avengers that he wouldn't be able to resist himself by teasing it a lot more.

The way cameo credits in Winter Soldier somewhat threw me off though, in terms of who gets credited or not.
How awesome would it be if he had a cameo in the post-cedits as Richard Rider?
Nathan is a little too old to play Richard Rider in my mind. The original Nova was always a contemporary of Peter Parker as far as age ranges go. I mean, he was one of the original New Warriors, the ultimate Marvel teen superteam, so seeing him as a middle aged guy wouldn't work for me. It would lose too much of the essence of the character. Late twenties, maybe, but no older than that.

Maybe they should just go with Captain Hammer in space...
Yeah I agree, I'd rather it was a small perhaps unrecognisable cameo role like Alexis had, just so there's still the possibility he could be a lead in the Marvel Universe after Castle wraps up.
Natch, James Gunn bro.

Captain Hammer is space would be amazing. Dr. Horrible crossover! (shut up it's an awesome idea.)
If they ever go with a Masters of Evil movie, like the planned Sinister Six one, I'll be disappointed if Dr. Horrible doesn't at least get a cameo.
@Simon - were that to happen the motion picture industry would need to enact a policy prohibiting cameos ... as an acknowledgement that no future cameos would ever be as cool as that
I don't think Richard Rider is going to show up in GotG because Glenn Close is playing Nova Prime.
Sounds nothing even a little bit like the Guardians I knew in the 70s. Nova? Thanos? Captain Mar-vell and Drax, who I feel should both stay dead, the first because his going out had such power and the second because he no longer has a reason to exist. Hoo boy.
DaddyCatALSO, I believe they're lifting more or less directly from the Dan Abnett run from 2008 and onward.
Major Victory, maybe? I could see Marvel planning to do a time-travel film, following their interest in having the films be in different genres. Or possibly Jack Flag, which would mean a smaller role, as he's a character with little history in the 'verse.

If Major Victory (Nathan) does appear, I imagine it would be in a cliffhanger scene introducing the next plot line for the Guardians. This is just my imagination.

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