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April 08 2014

Hulu is already streaming Agents of SHIELD "Turn, Turn, Turn". Tonight's episode popped up in my Hulu+ queue this morning. I assume it's a mistake that might get corrected sometime soon, so good luck. I just watched it and it's an amazing companion to Winter Soldier. ETA: The episode is now offline.

I swear this happened to Dollhouse as well. Probably best keep episode discussion for the usual thread that will be posted later on.
Just one question: I'll finally get to see Winter Soldier on Thursday. Is it worth waiting with the new SHIELD episode until after or can I watch it before the movie and get the same effect?
Drat. I can't watch it at work. Maybe I can take a long lunch...
There are **massive** spoilers for the movie in the MAOS episode.
D-e-f-, you need to wait. Everything in the movie will affect the show, and you can't watch the episode and remain unspoiled for the movie.
I am guessing this a word of mouth thing. I am guessing Disney/Marvel/ABC is hoping if enough hardcore fans see it they will let their friends know to watch it tonight for the Nielsen ratings.

If you watch the episode some of the stuff in the movie might be confusing.

Where did Captain America end up at the end of Cap. 2 (I can't remember)?
Thanks Ninja Report.
Alright, then I'll just sleep for about 30 hours until it's time to go to see the movie. :D

Thanks, guys!
Thanks for the heads up.

Wait before watching Winter Soldier. Not only is it an amazing movie, you won't appreciate the episode as much without it!
It's gone now.
Well that was quick. Though probably just as well. To stop even more spoilers going out for folk that haven't seen Winter Soldier yet. Now they've got one more night to do so before the episode hits! LOL! ;)
It's kind of impossible for there NOT to be major film spoilers in this episode given how widespread the events of the film were.
Thanks so much for this post; managed to see the episode this morning due to your on-the-ball reporting!!!

And yet, and yet... it didn't seem like the events of the film really matched up very well with the show? I suppose I'll save all that for tonight's episode thread...
Darn, it's gone. I'll be OK till tonight, though. Really. ... Sigh.
I saw it. It was damn good.
So...what's the consensus on this? Will it be too spoilerish to see the episode before seeing the movie? I know they go together, but on the other hand, they need to be able to stand alone...

Really debating about whether or not to watch tonight before I've seen the movie.
If you see this, the movie will be spoiled. I havent seen the episode, but i have seen the movie and, believe you me, it is IMPOSSIBLE that this doesnt spoil the movie. Cant tell you why, but... Yeah. Heck, even the tinniest spoiler is already a given, the big one is going to be impossible to miss. Its THAT big.

My advise... Watch the movie first.
There's no consensus. From what I hear either neither spoils you for the other or they both do. So few people have seen the episode so it's difficult to gauge. At this point I kinda think you're just choosing which direction to approach this from. I don't think either is the wrong answer.

If you decide movie first, ABC is repeating the episode next week.
I DVR it every week, and usually watch at some point later in the evening, so no biggie about missing the live airing tonight.

Any chance the folks who have watched both (after the episode is over, obviously) could check back in here for a non-spoilery take on the dilemma? I'm avoiding the episode thread for now.
I've seen both; you MUST see the movie first. Not even a question. The only way you could watch the episode without having seen the film is if you had no plans to see the film at any point. In that case, the ep would still make sense in the larger context of the series--but that is the only way in which it is okay as a standalone. Massive spoilers for the movie. MASSIVE.
Agreed: definitely see the movie first. With interconnected storylines, there's no way to avoid having events in one medium spoil the "surprise" of those same events in the other medium. But in any dramatic narrative, it's not just about what we the audience learn and when, it's also important to consider what the characters know and when they learn those things. It makes a difference if we know things that the characters don't, so that we can anticipate the revelation; it also makes a big difference if we think we know something and anticipate a particular revelation, only to have the rug pulled out from under us (by someone we might never have suspected), and we learn something new. Writers (well, good writers) pay attention to this sort of thing. Given the way that all the events tie together in these two narratives, and the way that the MAOS airing schedule was manhandled to support just this order of availability, the writers and producers obviously believed that the optimal viewing order would be "End of the Beginning", "Winter Soldier", and "Turn, Turn, Turn." While it may be possible to enjoy it with a different viewing order, I put my trust in the storytellers and have done so all season.

And on a crass commercial level, I'd rather have the expensive movie spoil the cheap/free TV show than the reverse.

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