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April 08 2014

Charisma Carpenter to guest on 'Lost Girl' in season 5. "In "Lost Girl" Season 5, "Buffy" actress Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase) is joining the fae-tastic cast as a guest star. Carpenter will be playing a character by the name of Freyja, who's well-known in mythology as the most renowned of the Norse goddesses."

'Lost Girl' loves taking characters from mythology and fairy tales and depicting them as something very different. In season 2 there was a loki. Not Loki. Turns out, according to the show, they're a race of fae that are fond of shenanigans. (I miss that character, BTW. He was the Tony Stark of the fae...)
Cool! I love "Lost Girl" when it works. In season 4, the plot was kind of all over the place, and a lot of major plot developments either felt rushed or just made zero sense to me. But maybe the writers can get it together for season 5.

And even if they don't .... we might get to see Charisma Carpenter make out with Anna Silk. :-)
I have never seen an episode - can't believe it's been on for 5 seasons already. After seeing hundreds of commercials for it over the years, I still don't have the foggiest notion what it's about other than the lead actress is very attractive ... but not attractive enough to make me watch a show I'm clueless about

Good for Charisma - hope its a great part
It's fun if you like urban fantasy ... the writing is uneven, IMO. But it has a kickass female lead, it's sex-positive, and it includes characters from a wide range of sexual orientations (bi, gay, straight), without ever feeling the need to comment on their orientations--there are always more important things to worry about, like saving the world. I kinda love the show for those things, despite some (occasionally extreme) frustration with the writing. YMMV.

But season 3 was pretty awesome, so if you're going to give it a shot, that's the one I'd recommend. :-)
This season outright sucked - but, still, I'm so happy! First Enver on R&I, now Charisma on LG. Good, very good :)
As usual, I don't get that channel.
Hmmm... I wonder just how sexy her role is going to be. The sexier the better, says I.

The show certainly needs something... I love it, but the last season really was not good.

Freyja is the Norse goddess of love, so... yeah, probably sexytimes.

Syfy shows this series, usually a few weeks after it airs in Canada.
AndrewCrossett, that'd be interesting if your speculation is right.

I get what they tried to do last season and I think it would have worked but I get the sense that they switched gears late in the season when Kyle Schmid was cast as Rainer. (I think some of the actors even said so in interviews.) Because the finale was a bit of a mess. (Which seems to be a signature for Lost Girl.)
I guess I'd better get outside and look for white trucks and orange cones. :)
redeem147, Oh you're in Toronto! I quite enjoy your city.
I'm especially fond of stopping at Purdy's at Union Station. ;)
Nothing official but I'm reading things online from people that saw Charisma Carpenter at a convention this weekend and she supposedly said that it didn't work out and that she won't be on Lost Girl now. No details. And of course it's all second hand. I think she had been filming something in Texas so maybe it was just timing. Bummer if true.

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