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March 15 2004

FOX to encore Wonderfalls premiere If you haven't seen the best new show on TV yet, you'll get a second chance to watch it this Thursday.

If you've already seen "Wax Lion" and want to tell FOX what you think of the new series, you can email the network at

Does anybody Know the Street Date for Buffy Season Seven on DVD in Region 1. Not complaining, but I'm just curious. Why is it that the UK DVD's are released so much farther ahead in Region 2?
Well that's good, I can see the 20 or so minutes I missed.

On another note, saw this on the site as well: The WB Gives 'Pepsi Smash' Second Season. This is the entertainment the network is going to be providing? The series highest rated episode was only in the two million mark, and even though it airs during the summer, it's wasting money better used for my weekly Spike fix. Bitter, me? Just a bit.
Well, less than spectacular & meager are not things you want to hear. Still, at least Fox thinks enough of the show to give it another go. The main problem is the timeslot. I mean how many shows have to die there? Move the show to another night already.
Mondays sounds good, wouldn't you think? I mean I don't think the show would appeal to the 7th Heaven audience, which is the only series I can think of on Monday right now. Sadly, I think that if it stays on Fridays, it's going to follow in Firefly's footsteps minus movie deal.
I agree it's a good sign that Fox thinks enough of the show to give the premiere an encore presentation, but Thursday night at 9pm against the Apprentice?! Actually, I think this week's Apprentice might be a recap, so I suppose not as many people will be watching, but still...
According to Futon Critic, Mondays right now have a bunch of sitcoms from CBS, the most notable of which is probably 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' 'Fear Factor' and 'Las Vegas' are on NBC, and ABC has a movie. fox's own shows on that night are a comedy called 'Cracking Up' and a Reality show called 'Forever Eden.' It will be replaced in April with what looks like another reality show called 'The Swan.'
Wasn't 'Wonderfalls' originally planned to be aired on Mondays?
Back in May 2003, FOX announced that "Wonderfalls" would premiere Mondays at 9 PM in January as soon as "Joe Millionaire 2" ended. Needless to say, they decided to wait until March and put it on Fridays.
Doesn't that mean that they are putting it up against CSI? I feel like Fox just likes making us beg.

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