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April 08 2014

(SPOILER) 'Agents of SHIELD' postmortem: Interviews about the events of "Turn, Turn, Turn" and beyond. This post contains massive spoilers concerning the plot twists and character developments in the most recent episode as well as speculation on future storylines. The main link goes to an EW interview with Jeff Bell and Jeph Loeb. Meanwhile Marvel has an interview with Brett Dalton.

Well crap, now I have to watch Seeds again, at the very least.
Yeah flipping to the two scenes at the Wall of Valor....I think starting to think Ward has been a bad guy the whole time.
The other interviews on the front page also mention the fact that Coulson told Ward about The Cellist first. Raina then used that info to manipulate Coulson.
OK, must rewatch entire season.
Oh damn, I love all the hints about Ward we didn't see! Saving Simmons, seducing May, being Skye's SO. Oh Ward how could you?
Eh, now I'm spoiled on this aspect of the storyline. Well, he was always a bit off, wasn't he?
I'm starting to think this Agent Ward thing is some kinda metaphor/allegory thingie
Really into Ward as a bad guy. Rewatching the season with that outlook must change things. Reminds me of the best from Whedon shows, when late season revelations come up and it adds a whole another layer to experience of the show.
Here's a interview with Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon about last night's episode and the big reveals.

An interview with Brett Dalton about last night's episode.

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Wow - really interesting that they were forbidden to use the word "Hydra" until this reveal. One of my early criticisms of the show was their need to create "new" villain organizations (Centipide) when there was already a rich history of such in the Marvel universe that they seemed intent on ignoring

So apologies all around on that
I think the trouble with not being able to actually say "hydra" was that they almost went really out of their way to say everything else. It had a weird tone to it.
I hope Ward is really the bad guy, not some triple undercover acrobat. He's not so bland anymore.

Maybe Riley was a Hydra agent. ;)
I just read that interview with Brett Dalton. I'm glad they didn't tell him earlier, and it was funny that he thought he was being killed off because it was a Joss show.
OMFG! This episode made my head explode. I forgot how good Team Whedon was in surprising the audience. I never really warmed up to Ward so I hope he really is a bad guy. That would make him interesting. I thought waiting for new eps was hard before but now I really can't wait.
I'm quite impressed with the deviousness at work here. I really like the idea of Ward not being who we thought he was, too.
Ward's feelings about Skye may be real. Lorelei told May that Ward was in love with someone other than May, so unless it turns out that Ward has a Hydra girlfriend, I think the Asgardian was laying some plot track there. And I'm glad they didn't tell Brett Dalton sooner, but sorry they almost gave the poor guy a heart attack with the news.
Ward is in love with that flower dress girl. Calling it now.
@Grack21 That would be so totally amazing.
@Grack21 - hot damn! After seeing the teaser for next episode, that might be true than one might think.

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