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April 09 2014

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD gets another big name returning. TV Line has news about the latest guest star for the sweeps.

Yay! Now just make it permanent and I will be so happy!
The "May sweeps episode", eh. Sounds interesting. I wonder what she'll be sweeping. Certainly sweeping with Ward did no good.

(Sorry about that)
I hope they tell us

Not sure if I needed to put that in invisible text. The write-up this post links to didn't actually say the same thing I suggested, which is related to The Winter Soldier.

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Great news. I agree with swanjun - make it permanent!
swanjun and Rachelkachel, I thought this too... Unfortunately someone on the article linked pointed out the very good point that her husband lives and works in New York, so the chances of her doing another LA based series full time is probably low :o/

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