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April 09 2014

(SPOILER) Alan Sepinwall reviews Agents of SHIELD "Turn, Turn, Turn". He says this is the "best episode so far," addresses some of his previous criticisms and talks about the show's future.

Gotta love a review that brings up episodes of Dollhouse and Buffy to compare and contrast with. He knows his Whedon.
I had flashbacks of Serenity when I saw Simmons try to contact Agents Weaver, and we saw the agent's hologram while the Academy was under siege. This show has featured a lot of scenes that could be considered callbacks to other Whedon shows.
AV Club gave it an A- and plenty of praise too. Hope people are paying attention.

Regarding callbacks, not to mention everyone's favorite stun weapon from Serenity and episode 2.
Nice review, I like the parallels with Buffy and Dollhouse.

Episode 17 really made me reconsider the show. It doesn't fix everything, and it still doesn't have that Whedon greatness, but I can finally see the stakes, and the characters got a lot more interesting in just 2 episodes.

Now if they could make a big esthetic change, that would be great. I'm starting to like the show storywise, but it's still one of the visually ugliest drama on TV.

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I don't think it's visually ugly at all and it gets better with every episode. They've really found a groove that was lacking in early episodes and it's been compelling viewing of late.
It's times like these when I look back at one of my comments from October where I said something like "I bet there'll come a time when we look back at season one and things will make a lot more sense" :D

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